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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Effervescent Collective presents Pluto Dances with music from Andrew Bernstein

The Effervescent Collective presents Pluto Dances with music from Andrew Bernstein
October 1 -3 at 9:00 pm
1801 Falls Road

3 nights of music and dance inspired by the only dwarf planet you can name.

"Pluto Dances" will be performed each night as well as "A Plutonian Recollection" choreographed by Caroline Marcantoni

These bands will also be playing:

Friday - Hungry Eyes (Amanda Schmidt solo)
Feast of the Epiphany (Nick Podgurski solo)

Saturday - Hume
DJ Mark Brown

Sunday - Super Dry (Members of Matmos & Drugs Bunny)

with a $5-$10 donation you will get a wristband that will be good for every night, so come 3 nights for the price of 1!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dirty Dancing @ the Annex Theatre

Dirty you've never seen it before. We promise.
March 26 - 28
All shows at 8pm
Annex Theatre
The Effervescent Collective, The Motorettes, & Baltimore's Finest Dancing & Acting Talent present a new take on Dirty Dancing. The original plot is left more or less intact, satirizing the archetypal dance film plot also found in Flashdance, Center Stage, and Step Up of dancing-as-good vs dancing-as-evil, establishment vs anti-establishment, romance that transcends class boundaries and the requisite musical montage of training, sweating, and leg warmers.

Buy tickets online by clicking on the Brown Paper Tickets button!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Local Dance Makers Series Seeking Submissions

Effervescent Collective, a local dance-making organization, is inviting all Baltimore City choreographers to audition their work for the local dance-makers series, “Load of Dance,” running April 17th, 24th, and May 1st at Load of Fun/Theater.

They are interested in work that moves beyond the stage and takes advantage of their unique warehouse space at Load of Fun/Theater. They are giving priority to work that would otherwise have no appropriate outlet. They are also interested in presenting screendance/videodance projects. If you are interested in having your work shown as part of this series, please contact Lily at Let them know the working title of your work, your set and sounds needs, the number of dancers involved, and a brief explanation of your piece.

For more information on Effervescent Collective mission and past projects, please visit out website

Monday, November 30, 2009

Aromatic (Non)sense: dances for smelling @ 2640 Space

The Effervescent Collective presents:

Aromatic (Non)sense: dances for smelling
Thursday Dec. 3 & Friday Dec. 4 at 8:00 pm
Doors at 7:15 pm
The 2640 Space/ St. John's Methodist Church
2640 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

The Effervescent Collective sympathizes with the plight of the sense of smell; it has been neutralized and made polite in the course of modern history. Aromatic (Non)Sense consists of three dances designed to be smelled and investigates the scents of lemon, cilantro, and Old Spice.

Choreography from Laura Grossman, Lynne Price, and Lily Susskind in collaboration with the dancers: Jenny Berkowitz, Rachel Boss, Allison Cohan, Claire Cote, Kait Orr, Marilyn Mullen, Lynne Price, Emile Sorger, and Melissa Talleda.

Live music from Andrew B. Bernstein, Eli Breitburg-Smith, Jon Ehrens, and Owen Gardner.

Refreshments provided by The Golden West Cafe. Exclusive discounts at the Golden West Cafe for ticket holders after Friday’s performance.

This is a FREE event.
To reserve a seat, click here to fill out our online reservation form.