Thursday, January 27, 2011

Self Portrait as Rock Star @ Current Gallery

Self Portrait as Rock Star
Friday, January 28
7:00pm - 11:00pm
Current Gallery
421 N. Howard Street

Karaoke KJ'ed by Jaime Kaufmann and Graham Coreil-Allen starts after 9pm.

Artists: Kirsten Anchor - Michael Benevento - Jordan Bernier - Ellie Beziat - John Bohl - Darcie Book - Jacob Breck - Steve Bradley - Susie Brandt - Cathy Brennan - DeAndre Britton - Charles Brohawn - Derrick Buisch - Wayne Bund - Addison Burns - Lori Carns - Max Clotfelter - Ryan Compton - Monique Crabb - Alice Delaney - Rick Delaney - Alia Diaz - Emily Dierkes - Tom Diventi - Tammy Dixon - Elizabeth Downing - Liz Ensz - Annie Ewaskio and Elias Melad - Willa Fan - Adam R Farcus - Christine Ferrera - Linda Franklin - Kelly Froh - Carrie Fucile - Benjamin Funke - Victoria F. Gaitán - Dennis Garcia - Symmes Gardner - Peter Gordan - Zak Greene - Kris Grey/Justin Credible - Jimi HaHa - Craig Hankin - Amy Harmon - Jesse Harris - Shelly Hill - Russell Hite - Sam Christian Holmes - John Hornsby - Anne "Robbie" Horwitz - Katy Hunchar - Alexis Iammarino - Annette Wilson Jones - Jaime Kaukmann - Michelle Sanzi Kermes - Neil Kilby - Stephen Lee - Annemieke Beemster Leverenz - Joe Levickas - Andrew Liang - Andy Livingston - Jack Livingston - Lloyd D Lowe - Jim Lucio - Ilenia Madelaire - Diana Marta - Erica Magrey - Chris Mona - Stephanie Moyer - Jake Myers - Leslie F. Miller - David More - Ryan Neely - Máire Witt O’Neill - Don Peyton - Audrey Lea Collins Petrich - Spoon Popkin - Carrie Rennolds - Branden Rush - Darra Sargent - Nancy Scheer - Sul-Jee Scully - Ali Seley - Bela Shayevich - Lee Sinoski - Emily Slaughter - Linda Marie Smith - Nikki Smith - Alix Tobey Southwick - Matt Sterling - Antoinette Suiter - Rachel Valsing - Jennie Velazco - Jose Velazco - Adam Void - Virginia Warwick - Alex Wein - Jonathan West - Erin Womack - Allison Yasukawa

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ehse On Ice

Ehse On Ice
Saturday, January 29
9:30pm - 12:30am
Patterson Park Ice Rink (Dominic "Mimi" DiPietro Skating Rink)
200 South Linwood Ave in Patterson Park

Performances by:
Dog Leather
Archer Twins
JennyGraf Bibulah
Helicopter Dude
Cloud Becomes Your Hand

DJs Duncadelic and Bmore Relabi Style

And refreshments by S'dude (Gerry Mak)

Starts 9:30pm sharp!! (renting the ice rink for 4 hours, so we need to start on time)

$5 door; $2 skate rental - but skate rental is limited, so if you have skates, bring them!

Gunky's Basement presents ALIEN Director's Cut @ the Charles Theatre

ALIEN Director's Cut! 35mm / $5 / hosts Dan Deacon+Jimmy Joe Roche!
Thursday, January 27 at 9:00pm
Charles Theater

The third film in GUNKY'S BASEMENT is Ridley Scott's director's cut of his horror/sci-fi classic ALIEN!

A 35mm print screens for just $5 Thursday, January 27th, 9pm at the Charles Theater. Don't miss it!

Awesome silkscreened posters created by Nolen and Bruce of Post Typography for this screening coming soon!

ADVANCE TICKETS NOW ON SALE FOR JUST $5 -- get 'em at Red Emma's (800 St Paul), Charles Village Video Americain (3100 St. Paul), or Atomic Books (3620 Falls)... and support these indie local merchants while you're there!

Gunky's Basement is an ongoing MD Film Festival series curated and hosted by Dan Deacon and Jimmy Joe Roche. All films screen from 35mm prints for $5 on select Thursdays on the largest screen at Baltimore's historic Charles Theater, and have original silkscreened posters created by Baltimore artists. The previous titles so far have been John Carpenter's THE THING and Alex Cox's REPO MAN.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Psychic Projections/Photographic Impressions: Paranormal Photographs from the Jule Eisenbud Collection on Ted Serios @ UMBC

January 26 - March 27
Psychic Projections/Photographic Impressions: Paranormal Photographs from the Jule Eisenbud Collection on Ted Serios

The Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery presents Psychic Projections/Photographic Impressions: Paranormal Photographs from the Jule Eisenbud Collection on Ted Serios. For several years in the 1960s psychiatrist Dr. Jule Eisenbud, a faculty member at the University of Denver, conducted experiments with Ted Serios, a Chicago man who possessed an apparent ability to place images from his mind onto Polaroid material using psychic energy. Over the course of these experimental sessions Serios produced a vast body of photographs, or "thoughtographs," that continue to baffle researchers and critics to this day.

Drawn from The Jule Eisenbud Collection of Ted Serios and Thoughtographic Photography in UMBC's Photography Collections, the photographic images in this exhibition illustrate Serios's paranormal abilities, reveal themes and unique characteristics of his "thoughtographs," and offer insight into the extensive body of scientific experiments whose results have never been disproven.

On Thursday, February 3rd at 6pm, Dr. Stephen E. Braude, professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy at UMBC, will present a public lecture on Serios's work.

The Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 12 noon to 4 pm, on Thursday until 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 1 - 5 pm. Admission is free. For more information call 410-455-2270.

Ted Serios
May 13, 1965
Polaroid Photograph
Photography Collections
Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Thursday, January 13, 2011

School 33 Openings: Echo Chamber; Golden Afternoon

Jordan Tierney and Geoff Grace: Echo Chamber
Jordan Tierney and Geoff Grace see what most might not—they collect and then create. Very often the found objects or images dictate the process, but the end result is specifically theirs…a tangible, yet ephemeral point of view that seeks out beauty in desolation and creates poetry from that which is cast aside or forgotten.

Geoff Grace spends a great deal of time observing his subjects. His art is reflective and quiet at first glance, but it is loaded with historical traditions and references to biology.

Jordan Tierney transforms discarded objects, objects full of “Ju Ju” and the weight of history. Often carved of wood, her work is solid and substantial,
yet magical and weightless lyricism is at its core.

Tim Campbell

In the upstairs gallery, Tim Campbell's Golden Afternoon, combines found text, popular imagery, abstract painting, and sound in a body of work that addresses landscape as an exhausted mode of representation. Works referencing terrorist manifestos, 19th century fiction, and American cartoons raise questions about the divide between nature and technology in American imagery. Campbell is interested in how layering, erasure, repetition and duplication can challenge the singularity of a painting's image. He is also interested in our relationship to a natural world that is closely entwined with a technological one, and in how the construction of images can direct our understanding of these two realms. 
Both artists create work that feels older than it actually is, work that echoes past lives. They employ a sense of patina or a weathered quality, yet the work is contemporary, fresh, and potent in its impact.

Opening Receptions: Friday, January 14th
6 - 9 pm

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jimmy Joe Roche: Under Pressure @ RARE (NYC) Opens TONIGHT

If you leave from Baltimore this afternoon, or are already in the area, don't miss the opening of Jimmy Joe Roche's 2nd solo show at RARE, Under Pressure.

Presenting new video pieces, sculptural installation and hand-cut paper pieces (which have become more 3 dimensional lately), Roche approaches each medium with a consistent intensity.

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 6, 6-9PM
547 W 27 St. #514
New York City 10001

Congrats Jimmy!  

Excerpts from Roche's new video work:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nature / Made @ John Fonda Gallery

NATURE/MADE: Steven Riddle & Amy Boone‐McCreesh

Opening Thursday, January 13 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
John Fonda Gallery 45 W. Preston Street Baltimore, MD 21201 Located at the Theatre

NATURE/MADE is a two‐person exhibition that references the artists’ mutual rural upbringing in Pennsylvania and their shared artistic interests in creating artificial realties that stem from natural influences.

Steve Riddle

Amy Boone McCreesh

Monday, January 3, 2011

Falling Off The Edge @ Open Space

Open Space is pleased to present
Falling Off the Edge: new works by Ann Kelly and Christina Martinelli
Curated by Neal Reinalda

January 29th – March 6th 2010
Opening Reception: January 29th 7-11pm

’Me too, I’m a painter’ means: me too, I have a soul, I have feelings to communicate to my fellow-men.” –Jacques Ranciere 

In “The Ignorant Schoolmaster” Jacques Ranciere writes, “The virtue of our intelligence is less in knowing than in doing. Knowing is nothing, doing is everything.”  It is in this sense that Ann Kelly and Christina Martinelli’s works embody a specific intelligence.  These works are about doing.  They present themselves simultaneously as objects and ideas, as poems.  It is, as Ranciere says, “The impossibility of our saying the truth, even when we feel it, [that] makes us speak as poets,.., makes us communicate our feelings and see them shared by other feeling beings.”
  By employing everyday materials and heavily abstracted imagery, while never failing to hide their own “hands” as artists, Kelly and Martinelli’s works are expressive without irony or kitsch. They engage the possibility of “universal experience” with sensitivity and sincerity. Mondrian wrote “art is…the direct expression of the universal in us – which is the exact appearance of the universal outside us.” It’s this direct expression of the universal that these works approach in their confusion of art and life.  In conversation with Cindy Nemster, Eve Hesse speaks of this confusion:
 “[People say] you can’t confuse life and art.  But I think art is a total thing.  A total person giving a contribution.  It is an essence, a soul … in my inner soul art and life are inseparable.  It becomes more absurd and less absurd to isolate a basically intuitive idea and then work up some calculated system and follow it through – that supposedly being the more intellectual approach – than giving precedence to soul or presence or whatever you want to call it … For me it’s a total image that has to do with me and life.  It can’t be divorced as an idea or composition or form.”
  This confusion of things is what makes these works vibrant, daring, and challenging.  They refuse to function on a singular plane.  We should as Rainciere says, “learn near those who have worked in the gap between … the silent language of emotion and the arbitrariness of the spoken tongue, near those who have tried to give voice to the silent dialogue the soul has within itself, who have gambled all their credibility on the bet of the similarity of minds.”
 Perhaps Cindy Nemster put it best as she interviewed Eva Hesse:
 EH: So I am stuck with esthetic problems.  But I want to reach out past…I want to give greater significance to my art.  I want to extend my art perhaps into something that doesn’t exist yet…
 CN: Like falling off the edge?
EH: That’s a nice way of saying it. Yes, I would like to do that.

Reference @ Nudashank, Opening January 14th

The artists of Reference Gallery (Richmond, VA) invade Nudashank as part of a double edged gallery exchange project.

Ross Iannatti
Edward Shenk
Conor Backman
James Shaeffer

Opening Reception:
Friday January 14th

Exhibition runs from January 14th thru February 4th

405 W. Franklin St.
FL 3
Baltimore, MD 21201

Viewings by Appointment