Thursday, March 24, 2011

ALIVE! @ the Bell Foundry

Thursday, March 31
The Bell Foundry
1539 N Calvert St

ALIVE: The Story of Uruguayan Flight Number 571

Their plane crashed high in the Andes. Their only shelter was the plane’s shattered fuselage, their only supplies a little wine and some bits of candy. In the beginning, there were thirty-two survivors. Then, only twenty-seven; then, nineteen . . . and, in the end, sixteen.

This is their story---the greatest modern epic of catastrophe and human endurance.

A theatrical adaptation based on the novel Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors by Piers Paul Read (1974) as well as the 1993 film.

Now bigger and better than ever!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photos from the Opening of "Scrappy" @ Reference Gallery

Red Bull Girls with Noam Rappaport's Collection #4

Scrappy @ Reference (unofficially sponsored by Red Bull)
Featuring works by:
Seth Adelsberger
Michael Hunter
Noam Rappaport
and Bettina Yung
Curated by Alex Ebstein

Ross Iannatti and Edward Shenk with Michael Hunter's piece (left) and Noam Rappaport's piece (grey)

Andy and Reid with Noam Rappaport's pieces

Seth Adelsberger's piece

Alex Ebstein with Noam Rappaport's Collection #5

Taylor Baldwin next to Bettina Yung's piece

Michael Dotson next to Michael Hunter's piece

Bettina Yung's Composition #1

Conor Backman (center) in front of Seth Adelsberger's Flag

Steven Riddle

Seth and Alex between Michael Hunter's Anthem (left) and Seth Adelsberger's Sailboat (right)

Laura Maggie and Daniel with Noam's piece

Matt and Chris with Noam's piece

Brooke Inman in front of Seth Adelsberger's piece

Alex with Bettina Yung's piece

Ryan with Michael Hunter's piece
On view through April 8th

Monday, March 14, 2011

Installation Photos from Venn Diagram @ Pent House

Venn Diagram
A group show at Pent House including:

Adam Beaver
Jordan Bernier
John Bohl
Caitlin Cunningham
Alex Ebstein
Sal Farina
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
& Jared Paolini

Jordan Bernier's screenprinted posters

Each poster is unique, printed with different colors and in different orders.

Adam Beaver (left) Sal Farina (right)

Caitlin Cunningham

Sal Farina (left) Adam Beaver (right)

Alex Ebstein above and below

Caitlin Cunningham (left) Adam Beaver (center) John Bohl (right)

Lesser Gonzalez (collages) Sal Farina (center print)

Lesser Gonzalez, above and below

Sal Farina, detail

Sal Farina (left) Alex Ebstein (right)

John Bohl (left) Alex Ebstein (center) and Lesser Gonzalez (right)

John Bohl's digital print

Sal Farina demonstrating his interactive animation

Caitlin Cunningham ( plant installation left), Sal Farina (large prints), Adam Beaver (photos)

Sal Farina drawing with a light in his interactive animation, above and below

Jordan Bernier's 3 channel stop-motion animation with music by Jared Paolini

Sara at Brown Paper Bag  also wrote about and photographed the exhibition, view her blog here

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Very Long Armory 2011 Highlights Post

CANADA's Booth
While the 2011Armory Show was less impressive than past years, major galleries absent from exhibiting, there were still a handful of galleries that brought their A-game and made the fair memorable.  Setting their booths apart from the rest with extra installation efforts, and/or exciting and fresh work by lesser known artists, the top six booths this year were, in our opinion:
1. CANADA (pictured above and 3 below), 2. Giti Nourbakhsch, 3. Khastoo, 4. Museum 52, 5. Richard Telles, 6. DCKT  with an honorable mention to Stuart Shave, Bortolami and Galerie Thomas Shulte.  
More favorite pieces from this year's fair:
Michael Williams

Katherine Bernhardt (left)

Richard Tuttle

Anselm Reyle

Gert and Uwe Tobias 

Ryan Gander, seen in at least 4 different booths at Armory for his identical resin casts of slate and plywood.

Kimber Smith at James Graham and Sons' booth

Max Jansons

Lenore Tawney

Betty Woodman's Double Vase Double Window

Victor Vasarely

Alfred Jensen

Jan Schoonhoven

DCKT Cordy Ryman

Cordy Ryman

wooden weapons #Max Guy, took a photo of this for you!

Andrew Bick

Juliao Sarmento

Helmut Dorner

Lisa Lapinski at Richard Telles booth 

Lisa Lapinski

Karthik Pandian

Ryan Mosely

Joe Bradley

Analia Saban

Ryan Gander

Angela De La Cruz

Poul Gernes

Per Kirkeby above and below

Wendy White

Michael Muller at Galerie Thomas Schulte

Scoli Acosta's tambourine paintings

Huma Bhabah

Jonathan Meese at Bortolami's booth

Rachel Harrison

Edward Lipski!! 

Katharina Grosse
Delson Uchoa

David Kramer

Devin Troy Strother

Zach Harris in Khastoo's booth.  Amazing.

Ansel Krut at Stuart Shave London

Best carrot painting ever.

Chris Johanson

Richard Aldrich

Giti Nourbakhsch Gallery's booth

Matias Faldbakken

Museum 52 New York's booth featuring Jacob Robichaux

Jacob Robichaux

Jacob Robichaux