Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paper Kingdom

Paper Kingdom Book Release Party!

Cass McCombs
Beach House
Viking Moses
play music.

August 10th
Creative Alliance12 dollars / Doors at 8 / Show at 9
Hosted by Paper State!

There will be a limited edition pressing of Paper Kingdom at the opening!

But whoever can't get one at the opening can purchase at this link.
You can even by one today if you want and it will be shipped directly to your door!
http://www. lulu. com/content/3324221

More info here:

paperkingdom. blogspot. com

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pants Ramp Re-Opens

The Pants Ramp re-opened to the public with some skating (duh), barbecue, bake sale and party in the park. We had an awesome turn out and an all-round good time. A second bake sale will be held today at 2pm on Andy Eklund's porch, next to the light rail on Mount Royal. Don't miss it!

Vegan baked goods. Mmmm.

Rusty and April eating some cupcakes
Elie and John Marra trying to start the grill

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the ramp!

Pants Ramp Illustration by John Marra

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Shining playing at The Charles this week!

Head over to The Charles Theatre this week for a chance to see The Shining on the big screen!

Monday July 28th at 7pm and Thursday August 1st at 9pm

Next weeks movie will be Dr Strangelove with showings on Saturday at noon, Monday at 7pm, and Thursday at 9pm.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


BALTIMORE MD (July 23rd 2008) – On Monday, July 21st between the hours of 12am and 7am, a Baltimore City forklift razed “The Pants Skate Ramp”, one of the Artscape sculptural pieces, which was a part of the “Outdoor Lounge”, a collection of experimental public furnishings installed throughout the grassy areas on Mt. Royal Avenue.

The Pants Skate Ramp was set to stay at its Mt. Royal location for a year as part of a winning design chosen to be built for Artscape by curator Michael Benevento of the Current Gallery. The Pants Skate Ramp selected out of a handful of projects to be erected for this year's Artscape the ramp was a created by Jordan Bernier and Steve Santillan, and was built by a team of six artists, including Alex Ebstein, John Bohl, Sara Seidman, and Elie Sollins.

The City has claimed that the removal of the ramp was accidental but the arts community, skateboarding community and especially the artists who built the ramp are upset about the destruction of their piece.

“I'm confident that the partial destruction was an accident, and while that doesn't fix the problem, the challenge of putting the pants back together has generated a huge amount of support from the community.” - Jordan Bernier

Regardless of whether this was an unfortunate accident or a City grudge against skateboarding enthusiasts in Baltimore. The ramp designers have already begun rebuilding their installment and hope to have it complete in the coming weeks.

The Skatepark of Baltimore a local non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the construction of a public, concrete, destination skatepark in Baltimore was disappointed by the loss of a unique, well built, and positive artistic addition to the public landscape and has offered to help with a grand re-opening event.



Friday, July 25, 2008

Call For Performance Artists

Infinity's Kitchen is a graphic literary journal seeking visual and performance artists to feature in our publication, online and in print. We're an arts and letters publication with a focus on the experimental and the avant-garde. To give you an idea of what we're looking for, our influences include: Dada publications, Futurism, Early Modernist journals, UbuWeb … and the avant-garde in general. Each issue, we'd like to devote a feature article to one artist's work, but we're also looking for news about shows and performances, interviews with artists, etc. If you are interested in experimental print design, we would love to discuss a collaboration.

If your work is published, you'll be paid in the form of contributor's copies, and of course the rights to your work would remain your own.

Visit for more information, including back issues. Feel free to reply with examples of your work, questions, etc.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Plea to the Public, Help Us Catch the Art Smashers

Someone vandalized our ramp last night. If you saw or heard anything, please email us at the Ten Tigers email. This is very sad, we worked very hard through some of the hottest days of the year to make our ramp. None of the other sculptures have been tampered with, it seems someone just had it out for the pants.

Help us out guys.
Team Pants Ramp

UPDATE: we kind of, sort of know what happened. It was a mistake, carried out at the suspect hour of apx 3 am. Apparently there is footage...we are looking to get our hands on it.
We plan to rebuild. Stay strong.

The Art Department Featured in Gutter

Ten Tigers' friends and amazing local band, The Art Department, is featured in the new issue of Gutter Magazine.
Check out the write-up and photos at Gutter's website.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photos from the Penned Exhibit @ MICA

Penned, an open exhibition for penned art made by local and regional artists opened in conjunction with Artscape at MICA. Hung salon-style, the show is an interesting, though maybe a little congested, mix of styles, sizes and subject matter.

Along with each drawing, the artists were asked to submit photos of the pens they used to complete their work. The photos are displayed with the artists' names per each section of the exhibition.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Artscape at the Midway

Sara Seidman and me inside David Enoch Mcpherson's mirrored installation, "The Inner Spaceship"

The Midway, located on the Charles Street Bridge, features site-specific , interactive installations by local artists. Set up in carnival-style booths, the Midway is an inviting, fun selection of performance, installation and goal-oriented interactions, which include the photo project, Emily C-D's Imago machine, and a booth bent on making the largest friendship bracelet in the world.
Outer view of "the inner spaceship"

the friendship bracelet station

Ten Tigers ladies, Sara Seidman and Alex Ebstein looking tough in the photo project

Emily C-D, Jessie Unterhalter and Katie, inviting passers by to use the Imago machine

The return of the Hydra

Alex Worthington and her Artisan Shoppe, again, because it rules

Inside the parade of freaks

Imago machine, outside and inner view

Catch these exhibits while they're there, this is a short-lived installation!

Photos from the Outdoor Lounge Opening

Curator Michael Benevento and Jordan Bernier sitting in Andy Ecklund's porch scultpure

The Outdoor Lounge, a brilliantly curated selection of sculptures on Mount Royal Avenue, was officially unveiled to the Artscape and Baltimore public on Thursday, July 17th. Each of these sculptures investigates the relationship between art, architecture and public space.

Satanic Sausages at Andy Ecklund's porch bbq

Christine and Robert Tillman love art outside

Liz Ensz and Susie Brandt's tree stumps

John, Seth and Walter talking art in the median

Hermoine Williams' sculpture

Adrian Lohmuller's Outdoor Shower

Jeremy Roundtree's take on an outdoor lounge

John Bohl in front of PANTS RAMP

Thao Nguyen and Barry Febos' urban archaeological collection

Adam Montegut's alternative swing set

Jessie Reid's "SIT, EAT, CHAT"

Ivan Hernandez Quintela's temporary library

Action on the pants