Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gather 'Round Your Radios

This Friday, officially, for sure this time, MIKE MENO is going to be on the Signal!

Mike Meno, dear friend, Goucher graduate, and radical-opinion-holder, contributes to this week's WYPR (88.1fm) Friday Arts & Culture program, The Signal. Meno will offer his absurdist's view on internet social-networking websites and their potential (albeit unlikely) doomsday-impact on society. Don't miss Mike in his radio debut, at noon and 7pm this Friday, 5/2/08.

For those Meno-fans who live beyond WYPR's radio waves, be sure to check out the show online here!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Blanket Statements @ Load Of Fun

Blanket Statements
4/30 - 5/11

Load of Fun Galerie
120 W. North Ave
Baltimore, MD, 21201

An exhibition of quilt-inspired artwork that celebrates community and examines issues surrounding diverse groups, culminating (May 10) in a day of performance, food and hands-on activities and art projects for all ages.

This event is a fundraiser to benefit the Doll Project at the House of Ruth and to buy library books for the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.

Low Profile (but still awesome) DC Music Events

Wednesday, April 30th Stymphalian Birds and Nurse House play the Velvet Lounge. ATTEND, ATTEND!

Also, Do not miss:

Stymphalian Birds play with Earth, Sunday May 4th at the Rock and Roll Hotel

AK SLAUGHTER stays in school

Yes, no surprise, AK Slaughter rulez. For real. Check out their latest show, recorded by Jeff Mewborn, HERE.

Aran Keating, during his spirited rap-monologue

Punchin' it out

Height, the headlining act (with beats by Bob Jones) charmed the audience with his rhymes and incredible stage presence.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

YES YES YES! Jackie Milad @ Paperwork

Jackie Milad's "Just Between Us" will open on May 15th at Paperwork Gallery

Just Between Us is a solo exhibit of drawings by local artist and curator Jackie Milad.
Exhibition: May 15 - June 15, 2008
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 15 from 7-9 p.m.

This will be fabulous, be there.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


California Artists Nancy Selvin and David Furman opened their show of ceramic art at Clayworks' gallery in Mount Washington on the 26th.
The show contains two very different bodies of work that somehow feel appropriate alongside one another.

Artists Nancy and David greet people attending the opening

Ann Hazels, looking lovely

Artist Nancy Selvin discussing one of her pieces

Nancy Selvin's terracotta vessels, with their irregular, almost primitive shapes reference the historical aspects of ceramics and vessel-making.

Chris Anderson mans the front desk

David Furman's dirty ceramics

David Furman's pieces feature jointed artist mannequins (re-created in clay) in a variety of poses from mundane to sexual. I remember reaching the 1st grade and getting to use an articulated mannequin for the first time and thinking, "yes! this is art." Furman's pieces are familiar with their classic forms and intimations of common interactions.

Also, don't miss Ting-Fang, an exchange/resident artist from Taiwan, whose beautiful, colorful bowls, cups and wall pieces are on display in the resident gallery.

Photos from MICA Thesis Exhibiton III Opening April 25th

Ten Tigers' number one freelance reporter, Sara Seidman, went to the MICA Thesis III opening on April 25th and provided me with this extensive description: awesome!

The first two rooms (of sculpture and typography) were less impressive than the heart of the show, which featured elaborate bread dioramas by Dominic Terlizzi, and nautical illustrations by Justin Storms. Dominic created carefully-crafted (despite their humble material) viewing boxes containing scenes in dough and bread, varying in size from a beer box to a partial room installation. In some instances, viewer had to use only one eye to see the hidden images within their containers.

Justin Storms considers his images to be "whaletopian," depicting a fictitious interpretation of whale society.

Photos by Sara Seidman

Sewing at Ellipse

Zac Monday

The Thread As The Line: Contemporary Sewn Art, a new exhibition showcasing the work of sixteen artists, local, national and international, is opening at the Ellipse Arts Center on May 2nd:

Opening: Thursday, May 1
Artist's Talk: 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Reception: 6:30 - 9 p.m.
Clarendon Strings will perform during the reception
Parking is free and open late for the Artist's Talk & Reception
Closed the week of July 4

Ellipse Arts Center Director Cynthia Connolly
Artists: Rachel Bernstein, North Carolina; Natalia Blanch , from Argentina, lives in France; Jennifer Boe, Missouri; Thomas Campbell, California; Natalie Chanin, Alabama; Graham Childs, from Wyoming, now living in Washington, DC; Steve Frost, Washington, DC; Sabrina Gschwandtner, New York; Caroline Hwang, New York; Brece Honeycutt, Washington, DC; Jennifer Muskopf, Massachusetts; Valerie Molnar, Virginia; Zac Monday, California; Matt Nelson, Arlington, Virginia; Anila Rubiku, from Albania, lives in Italy; Megan Whitmarsh, California.

Videopolis @ The Metro Gallery

From the Videopolis Myspace: In an effort to further the appreciation and understanding of film in Baltimore and the surrounding areas the Metro Gallery presents VIDEOPOLIS, showing chosen works for free across the street from the Charles Theater during the Maryland Film Festival. To encourage creative interaction amongst as many people as possible the entire process will be without fees. This is not a competitive event. VIDEOPOLIS hopes to juxtapose various forms of film and video, along with other mediums that comment upon or investigate the moving image, together in a relaxed environment for the enjoyment of artists, festival-goers and random passers-by. With people on all sides of the lens exploring where the limits of the moving image may be pushed interesting, new and entertaining results are expected.

BUT WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE KNOWN: Among the many exciting and worthy video pieces in Videopolis is a piece by Emily Slaughter that features the worst sunburn in the history of time: MINE! Check it out May 2nd - 4th!

Loft Party @ Lofts 11

The View!!

Lofts 11, a relatively new luxury loft complex in downtown D.C. has partnered up with regional artists to bring a crowd to their lavish model apartment. For one night, artists get to play host to a fabulous crowd, and have all their friends over to a dream apartment with a killer view, furnished with modern designs and contemporary artwork....all of which would normally be out of budget. The whole arrangement makes for a great evening, friends, semi-casual setting, art, food, dreams of a a job that might support this lifestyle...it doesn't get much better.

Bridget Sue Lambert

Bonner and Adam (who has a squirrel gymnasium in his home, courtesy of the previous owner)

Anita Walsh

Steven Frost

Nathan Manuel

Annie Peters' piece in the lobby

Nathan Manuel's photographs

Steven Frost

Steven Frost's piece in the lobby

Detail from one of Steven Frost's large embroidered piece

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exploratory Searchery @ An Die Musik

Map-related artworks by Daniel Stuelpnagel at An Die Musik

May 1 - May 25th

Reception May 1 from 5pm - 8pm
An Die Musik
409 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

For more information visit www.409A.com