Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ottobar this Sunday!

Bmore Musically Informed Presents:
The Get ‘em Mamis
AK Slaughter
PT Burnem
Mickey Free
and Jones
January 31st, 2010. The Ottobar. 8 PM.

Get all the details and listen to all the acts here:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pictures from Püss Füst opening

Eleanor Farley's "Bridge Over Troubled Water

Molly Seigel's performance. Bart Simpson and the Undertaker!

The Bee's Knees

Still from Brina Thurston's "Pink" in the video reel

Kimmy Fung & Ingrid Burrington would like to give you some free time

Annika Blomberg's Keyosque

Betony Palm

Maire Witt O'Neill shows off her floor piece

Caitlin Cunningham's "Secret Secrets"

MC Molly O and curtain by Stefani Levin

"Your Hair in my Hands" participants

More pictures from Open Space Baltimore's Flickr

Also the Püss Füst closing is on Saturday January 30th, 2010 from 7 pm - 10 pm. The performances / booths won't be in session, but the debris from the events, gallery installation & video reel will all be around for a final intimate exchange.

The Telepathy Drawings @ MICA

The Telepathy Drawings
January 27 - March 10
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 28 from 5 - 7pm
Pinkard Gallery of Bunting Center

In 2005, adjunct photography faculty John Morris '01 (M.F.A. Photography and Digital Imaging) and Christina Ayala '00 (Mount Royal School of Art) began telepathy drawings by transmitting and recording telepathic messages.

"The artistic collaboration is formed through a system of belief while working through the telepathic process," Morris said.

Each session lasts seven minutes, while Morris transmits a singular thought to Ayala. During the transmission, Ayala receives and transcribes the message through drawing, and Morris photographs the complete session with a large format camera. This image stands along with the drawing as a document of the collaboration.

"The project explores and confronts the junction of meaning, belief and collaborative nature in art making and viewing," Morris said. "The exhibition visitors, who develop their own criteria for the project's success, can examine and scrutinize the resulted, recorded messages and their subsequent meanings. This humorous critique of the process, as well as the implications for viewing art, makes the project so much fun to participate in, and think about."

In addition to the artists' own presented works in the exhibition, Morris and Ayala will install a Telepathy Station, inviting gallery visitors to create their own telepathic drawings.

MICA's galleries, which are free and open to the public, are open Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; and Sunday, noon-5 p.m. They are closed on major holidays.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photos from the Opening of Jackie Milad's Inside Mouth @ Flashpoint in DC

Jackie Milad's solo show of new work, Inside Mouth, is on view at Flashpoint DC through February 13, with an artist talk at 1pm on that date.

Faces and facial expressions galore! Large grids of tiny heads, photographs, and props to facially interpret the drawings yourself:

Lots o heads!

Lauren Bender makes the best faces.

Ric Royer's faces are ok too

Friday, January 22, 2010

STREAM BALTIMORE opens tonight @ Pent House Gallery


A photograph projection show.
Bi-coastal showing in Baltimore and Los Angeles on the same night.
Friday January 22, 2010.

Pent House Gallery
Copycat Building
1511 Guildford Avenue, B501
Baltimore, MD

Space 15 Twenty
The Courtyard (Outdoor show)
Rain location: Gallery Space
1520 North Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Music by v a r a / Teebs

Featuring work by:

Ann Woo
Coley Brown
Daniel Gordon
Jaap Scheeren
James Nizam
Jason Nocito
Jesper Ulvelius
Jérémie Egry
Jinjoo Hwang
Marcelo Gomes
Marlon Rabenreither
Michael E. Northup
Mikaylah Bowman
Misha De Ridder
Nicholas Haggard
Nina Hartmann
Patrick Tsai
Paul Schiek
Sam Falls
Sol Hashemi
Tim Steer
Willa Nasatir
Young Kyu Yoo

Initiated + curated by Jennilee Marigomen and Andrew Laumann




Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Romantic Evening With! @ the 14th Karat Cabaret

A Romantic Evening With!
at The 14 Karat Cabaret
218 West Saratoga St

A touching night of songs and stories about "love" (by love we mean sickness, by sickness we mean true love).

Our love-studded bill features Ric Royer, The Creepers, Virgina and Jared, Milana Braslavsky, and someone else!
PLUS: A Kissing Booth sponsored by Chipotle (The Chipotle Kissing Booth)!

This is part of "The LOS/t series": events that were supposed to be at The LOF/t but had to be moved because of non-romantic reasons.

$6 at the door, or $5 for lovers.

[ps, this evening will be dedicated to David Franks, who will forever be one of Baltimore's greatest prankster, poets, and romantics. David died last week of natural causes at the age of 61. I will read some of David's work, like "Love is making me sick", at this event. For more about DF]


Photos from Love and Loss (I miss you Hugh Grant)

Lissa Corona

Kylie Lockwood

Rebecca Nagle

Emily Slaughter "The Ultimate"

Steven Ketchum

Melody Often "Page 8" and "Page 20"

Heather Boaz and Jeff Boaz "Equinox Reunion Performance (So Close, Yet So Far Away)

Sarah Matson

Gina Denton "Misery Loves Company, and Love Causes Heart Cancer"

Zack Storm "ripped away from you"


Don't forget there is a reception on Thursday, January 28 from 6 - 8pm at Hood College!

Friday, January 15, 2010

COLLINSPORT @ 2640 tonight

Geodesic Gnome presents

Friday, January 15, 2010
8:00pm - 11:00pm 2640 Space 2640 St. Paul Street Baltimore, MD

Don't miss this major event! John Berndt, Stephanie Barber, Ric Royer and Connor Kizer's COLLINSPORT is an inquiry into the structural anomalies of Dark Shadows (1966-1971), the American gothic-occult soap-opera famous for its unstable cast, momentum-less plot, and unusually over-elaborate dialog.

In this multimedia production of COLLINSPORT performed by Geodesic Gnome, all these elements and more are made to spin faster and faster in a test-tube until a precipitate of pure, undiluted reason drops onto the floor and shatters along with the known universe. Carved from the molten ice of popular-culture-as-psychedelic-logical-modality, the piece is a direct expression of your greatest fears about misunderstanding, enthused lethargy, and, well, vampires. Add to this the obscure theory of 'paradox paradoxes' which threatens to consume all of semantics and what have you got?


With the immortal talents of:

Connor Kizer
Stephanie Barber
Lexie Mountain
Peter Blasser
John Eaton
Samuel Burt
Ric Royer
Sarah El Jallad
John Berndt
Mike Muniak
Melissa Moore
Peter Blasser
Kate Porter
Liz Meredith

Geodesic Gnome is Baltimore's meta-conceptual super-group, performing boundary-defying philosophy and paradoxes-as-structure, lead by John Berndt. In this case the group is joined by Baltimore geniuses Connor Kizer and Stephanie Barber for this unique tribute to the Dark Shadows of Dark Shadows.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saturday January 16 @ Hexagon

The Hexagon


Monday, January 11, 2010

Photos from the Opening of Lordz of the Flyze @ Nudashank

Julian Duron and Matthew Craven

Julian, Seth, Alex and Matthew

Matthew's installation (left) Julian's paintings and wall painting (right)

Michael and Ryan

Michael and Lora

Pete and Molly

Mary Helena

Kids from the future

He is also from the future


Shaun and Robby

Matthew S and Lora



Max in his gallery outfit