Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is not a joke, its the FUTURE

The multi Vs, cutest kids on the block

AK Slaughter totally owned the crowd at Lo Fi last night, but thats no surprise. Those kids brought out some new tunes, revived a couple classics, had the entire room shakin' it and their devoted front-row fans freaking out....:

But the spotlight was all but stolen by The Multi Vs, two teenage ladies from Alexandria, VA who clapped half their percussion and made no less than 3 costume changes during their set.
They baffled the slightly jaded audience as they appeared on stage in matching white jumpsuits and dragging a life-size stuffed person (named Amelia, we later learned) but had completely won them over by the second song.

Jared of Mr. Moccasin dancing with Amelia

They changed into woodland creature/Hansel and Gretel costumes for their song "I love the forest OH!":

Check the Xs on their hands, too damn cute.

And again for the "vulgar" portion of their set:

Yeah, thats right, I'm going to put this out there: I love the MULTI VS!
Come back to Baltimore PLEASE.