Monday, August 30, 2010

Benefit Show For DJ @ Floristree

Benefit show for DJ (Teenage Souls), this Sunday, 9/5/2010 @ Floristree
$5-$10 Donation

Butt Stomach
Future Islands
Holy Ghost Party
In Every Room

Dj sets by Dan Deacon and Drew Daniel

DJ was assaulted and is in the hospital, help his friends help him out by going to this show!

The Annex Theater presents: A Fistful of Flowers + tour dates

A Fistful of Flowers by Even Moritz
Creative Alliance at the Patterson
September 3
8:00pm - 10:30pm

Baltimore Annex Theater's new play A Fistful of Flowers takes the western genre and bends, reshapes and queers the old format into a genre all its own. This play follows two contemporary cowboys, who are ex lovers, as they chase each other around the desert trying to kill each other. The play is populated by the traditional western characters and non-traditional absurdist characters while the future mixes with the past. TNT is detonated via an iPhone app. A man takes violent revenge for a bad Darth Vader tattoo. Desert cacti are animate characters. The landscape comes alive with invented and real imagery that is as psychedelic as it is everyday. Intermittently, gender roles are reversed to lend broader depth to the main characters' search for what it means to be a man... a real man (a woman).


▪ Sept. 2nd Baltimore @ Annex Theater
▪ Sept. 3rd Baltimore @ Creative Alliance
▪ Sept 5th Philadelphia @ Little Berlin
▪ Sept. 6th NYC @ Silent Barn
▪ Sept. 7th Providence, RI @ Building 13
▪ Sept. 8 Maine @ Roots and Tendrils
▪ Sept. 9 Montreal- @ Le Cagibi
▪ Sept. 10 Ottowa @ TBA
▪ Sept. 11 Detroit @ Trumbulplex
▪ Sept. 12 Chicago @ Roxaboxen
▪ Sept. 14 Milwaukee @ Cream City Collective
▪ Sept. 15 Minneapolis @ Savannah's
▪ Sept. 16 Bismark @ TBA
▪ Sept. 18 Missoula @ TBA
▪ Sept. 19 Spokane @ Object Space
▪ Sept. 20 Vancouver, BC @ Toast Collective
▪ Sept. 21 Seattle @ Jewelbox
▪ Sept. 22 Portland @ Working Theatre
▪ Sept. 24- San Francisco @ TBA
▪ Sept. 25- Oakland @ Rock Paper Scissors
▪ Sept 26 LA @ Echo Curio
▪ Sept 28th Las Vegas @ TBA
▪ Sept. 29 @ The Grand Canyon
▪ Santa Fe- Sept. 30
▪ El Paso- Oct. 1
▪ Oct. 2 Fort Worth @ 1919 Hemphill
▪ Oct 3rd Austin @ TBA
▪ Oct. 4 Houston @ Super Happy Fun Land
▪ Oct. 5 New Orleans @ TBA
▪ OCT. 6 OFF
▪ Oct. 7 Huntsville AL @ Flying Monkey
▪ Oct. 8 Nashville @ Little Hamilton Collective
▪ Oct. 9 Knoxville @ Birdhouse Laboratories
▪ Oct. 10 Asheville @ Bobo Gallery
▪ Oct. 11 Stanton @ TBA
▪ Oct. 12 Charlottesville @ The Bridge
▪ Oct. 13 Harrisonburg @ Jeremiah's house
▪ Oct. 14 Shepheardstown @
▪ OCT. 15 OFF
▪ Oct. 16 Baltimore @ TBA

check their facebook for updated dates

Monday, August 23, 2010

Photos from the Opening of Pomp @ The 5th Dimension

Sarah Jablecki and Alex Worthington
Pomp, an exhibition that investigates ceremony, tradition, and the material objects that symbolize benchmarks and celebration in Western Culture, currently on view at the 5th Dimension (5th floor of the H&H Building).  Featuring work by Alex Worthington, Antoinette Suitor, Emily Slaughter, Amy Boone-McCreesh, Stefani Levin, Sarah Jablecki, Clarissa Stowell Gregory

Alex Worthington

Amy Boone-McCreesh

Alex Worthington

Emily Slaughter's video rules.

Chris Mucci and John Bohl in front of Clarissa Stowell Gregory's bear

Amy Boone-McCreesh

Sarah Jablecki

Stefani Levin

Seth and Robby

Antoinette Suiter

Sarah Matson

Clarissa Stowell Gregory


Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten Minute Play Festival @ the Annex Theatre

Ten Minute Play Festival
Annex Theatre
August 20 at 8:00pm - August 24 at 10:00pm

Night A (August 20 & 23) plays by :
Rachel Monroe
CopyCat Theatre
R.M. O'Brien
Tim Paggi
Ric Royer
Matthew Smith

Night B (August 21 & 24) plays by:
Justin Durel
Liz Donadio
Cricket Arrison
Carrie Keith
Dina Kelberman

Buy tickets online!
$7 for one night, $ 12 for both nights

Friday, August 13, 2010

Photos from Andrew Liang's Double Dribble @ The Wind Up Space

Andrew Liang in front of his installation

For his show of new works at the Wind Up space, Andrew Liang made 130 new painting on shaped panels of varying sizes, hanging them to fill the entire long wall of the bar / gallery.  Priced affordably from $10 - $75, it was an all out race at the opening for everyone to own their favorite pieces.  Some of us did not luck out:
My favorites! Red-dotted on arrival...

Check out Andrew's awesome installation (Pretty positive it is all sold out, but worth seeing in person)
On view for a month at the Wind Up Space.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tough Guy @ The Sub Basement Gallery

Tough Guy
A 20 Artist show curated by Eli Walker
Aug. 13- Aug. 25, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, Aug 13th 6 - 9 pm

Featuring: Jerome Acks, Josh Ammon, Colin Benjamin, Evan Bogess, Brendan Carroll, Sangho Choi, Matthew Fishel, Ethan Greene, Drew Griffith, Andrew Holmquist, Ben Horns, Matthew Jansen, Leo Kaplan, Jeffrey Kent, Chris LaVoie, Diego Leclery, Joshua Lefchick, Easton Miller, Patrick Rios, Anthony Romero, Camilo Sanin  & musical performance by MEAH!

In an effort to both perpetuate the discussion of gender roles in the arts and to disclose the artist-as-male stereotype, curator Eli Walker was asked to bring together a show that consisted entirely of male artists. Without falling for the hackneyed tropes of ironic, sensitive-male aesthetic nor the passive aggressive, faux-naiveté dude art; the work was chosen from artists’ studios made over the last year as a true representation of their practice. This approach lends itself to investigate what it means to be a male artist today. Are men levied upon their Modernist counterparts after the wake of Post-Modernism? Has the long, evolving Feminist Movement liberated them from patriarchal form like photography did for painting? Is gender as definable as it once was now that we have a progressive understanding of sexual identity and gender association? Tough Guy proposes these questions by exhibiting a cross examination of 20 contemporary male artists and their individual interests.

The Sub Basement Gallery is a for profit exhibition space run by resident artist Jeffery Kent.
Call for appointment at (410) 659-6950 or via email to It is located
in the sub-basement of the The Atrium condominium building in Market Center, 118 N
Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21201.

Andrew Liang's Double Dribble Opens Tomorrow (8/11) @ The Wind Up Space

Double Dribble: New Works by Andrew Liang
Featuring: Poseidon wielding a banana flavored Bow made of juicy fruit wrappers, and his fruity pepple flock of Narwales. Waves riding on Donuts, Air-Planes, skatboards, roller skates, etc., some pegusus, Hercules and three fat cats, mice race cars, dolphins, mean girls...and more. something like that.
they are paintings on boards. 

Opening Wednesday, August 11th 
6 - 9 pm

The Wind Up Space 
12 W. North Avenue


Dope Body / "Enemy Outta Me" from Matt Porterfield on Vimeo.

Future Islands - As I Fall from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Height With Friends "Bed of Seeds" from Team G on Vimeo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Glow Opens @ Nudashank

Day Glow
Curated by Andrew Laumann
On view through August 28

This guy (Kyle) looks cool in front of Letha Wilson's work

Matt Porterfield with Letha Wilson's Right Back At You

Annie in front of Jessica Eaton's Quantum Pong

Michael Dotson in front of Sam Falls' Return to the Alps 1 & 3

Josh and Jessie in front of Peter Sutherland's photos from Nepal

Sarah with Letha Wilson's Double Dip

Ben Horns in front of Letha Wilson's Partially Buried

Justin Kelly

Rusty Burke

Maggie Burke in front of Willa Nasatir's LA and Tape Flare 2

DJ in front of Coley Brown's photos


Greg with some ladies

Peter and friend





Nick with Letha Wilson's Pink Caim


Sarah Maton and friend

John and Scott

Andy and Amanda


Seth and Alex


Michael Benevento

Curator Andrew Laumann with his mom

Rose and Virginia

Martha and Mike

Dungeon Master Cullen