Sunday, June 29, 2008

Means To An End

If you happen to be in the Chicago area July 11th:

Heaven Gallery will host a free opening to the public on the evening of Friday July 11th, 2008 at 7 p.m: Heaven Gallery presents Means to an End, an exhibition curated by Brad Troemel. The show will feature American artists Melanie Schiff, Jason Lazarus, Hannah Whitaker, Stephen Eichorn, Jessica Hans, Charles Broskoski, Nicholas Grider, Brad Troemel, Hayley Silverman, DB Whitaker, Jessica Williams, Mark C Brown, Centa Petersen, Marco Kane, Martine Syms, and Michael Hunter, Dutch artists Anne De Vries and Harm Van Den Dorpel and German artist Alexander Binder. Means to an End will be hosted at 1550 N. Milwaukee.

Means to An End:
Means to an End explores the ties between the natural world and the different purposes it serves in art. The show sheds light on the natural world as more than the subject, but as source material and canvas. Means to an End brings together artists of various cultures and perspectives, all represented through an array of mediums - sculpture, collage, video, and photography.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Full Circle @ Rosenberg Gallery

Full Circle an Artscape Exhibition

June 30-July 31, 2008

Opening reception Thursday, July 10, 2008 6-8pm

Full Circle, an exhibition at Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College in conjunction with Artscape, explores the use of the circle in a variety of media and includes works by Mary Early, Carol Miller Frost, Tim Horjus, Kate MacKinnon, Hadieh Marjan Shafie, Renee Rendine, John Ruppert, and Youngmi Song Organ.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Paper Airplne Opens @ Paperwork Gallery

Bonner Sale's "The Burning House"

Paper Airplane, a national, juried show of works on paper, opened tonight at the Paperwork Gallery. The show, which will run through the end of August, included work by Ten Tigers' favorites and friends, Bonner Sale and Nikki Painter.

Emily Slaughter looking at Nikki Painter's "Study #6 (Everything)"

Sophia Flood's illustrations

Rachel Sitkin's "Under Question"

Lisa Lotta Lindgren's collage

Sasha Blanton's "Disengaged 2"

Ian McLean Davis' "Study for Golem"

Sidney Pink's vintage arcade game illustrations

Artist Nikki Painter in front of Jennifer Brickey's "Side Walks"

Karl Hluska's green images and Frank Phillips' "DR Study V" (right)

Magnolia Laurie's paintings

Artist Sidney Pink, left and his wife April

Stephanie Beck's "Setttlements"

Jackie Milad admiring Bonner Sale's piece

For more information on Paper Airplane, visit

To Overthrow Or Overturn @ School 33

Gallery-goers and Shaun Flynn's installation to the right

To Overthrow Or Overturn is a show that focuses on "the art of accident, disaster and catastrophe," curated by Alexandra Macchi. The [totally awesome] exhibition will be open through August 9th at School 33.
Lexie, in front of Carly Ptak 's photo collage (which was really cool, but I didn't get a better picture - sorry!)

Samantha Garner's "Dog Poop Palace"

Butchy Fuego's "Wand 2"

Paper installation by Amy Waller

Carly Ptak's untitled installation

"Refuge" by Asa Osborne

Rob Doran's "Dig your self"

Artist Shaun Flynn

Mary Helena and Sara Seidman in front of Shaun's installation

Sophia Dixon 's "Dreamtime"

Fay Jeffers-Davis' pen and ink drawing

Sophia Dixon's graphite drawings

Video installation by Chiara Giovando

Xavier Shipani's pen and ink drawings

Muffy Brandt & Nathalie Purkey's textile installatton

Maya Miller's "Penumbra"

Butchy Fuego's "Wand 4"

Liz Flynts and Walter in front of Muffy Brandt and Nathalie Purkey's large textile installation

Butchy Fuego's "Wand 5"

For more information about the exhibition, visit the School 33 website.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Current Gallery Call for Entry


baltimore vs. the world
deadline: August 15 (postmark)


Current Gallery invites video artists and enthusiasts to submit videos of all genres (experimental, animation, music video, documentary, short, home video, outtakes, unfinished films, scientific studies, etc). Works selected from this call will be featured in baltimore vs. the world DVD publication due out this winter.

baltimore vs. the world will incorporate two separate DVD compilations. One DVD will feature selected works from around the world and the other DVD will focus on selected works from Baltimore, Maryland. Accompanying the DVDs will be a booklet with interviews and support materials.

Download Application: PDF

Current Gallery
30 South Calvert Street
Baltimore Md 21202

Mailing Address
P.O. box 23821
Baltimore, Md 21203-5821

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photos from the Opening of Converge

detail from Penny Forester's viewing machines
Converge, the current exhibition at Maryland Art Place, showcases the recent work of regional MFA graduates. The pieces are, for the most part, conceptual and apparently arranged within the gallery by similarity of media (wood with wood, white with white) and a somewhat contradictory "mix it up" sort of feel.

Personally, I would have totally rearranged this show. The front room suffers the most by the disjointedness of the "left-overs," (none of which are white or wood) which include graphite drawings, an interactive sculpture and a too-small-for-its-space installation of photographs, their assorted props and chocolate cameos. While I took close-up images of this installation to highlight its more interesting details, the MD Art Place website has a view of the entire installation, looking teeny in it's corner.

Andrew Buckland's untitled photograph

The staccato effect of pairing wooden structures with photography and hiding a large painting in the rear of the gallery behind a large sculpture makes the exhibit hard to get comfortable in. The viewing experience is a bit laborious, continually engaging and disengaging with these very separate ideas.

Joshua Gillen's maquets

Joshua Gillen's larger sculpture in front of Lauren Boilini's "Savage Love"

detail from Aniko Makranczy's "Memeno Mori"

Mahwish Chishty's video projection of stop motion embroidery, I think

Ruth Bowler's hydrocal and wood piece

details from Ellen Harper's "From History Lessons Project"

Is it weird that I want the design to be on her back?

Justin Storms' beautiful whale drawings

I would have loved to see Christian Benefiel's interactive piece (above) placed in the back room of the gallery, alongside Penny Forester's interactive viewing machines, and Ellen Harper's softer installations paired with the delicate paper piece by Aniko Makranczy and the middle room pieces. Also, black and white photo next to black and white drawing...why not? In the front room with Lauren Boilini's large painting? Yes!