Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bill Morrison Lecture and Screening Tonight

Artist lecture with filmmaker Bill Morrison at 6 pm
Followed by a screening of 'Decasia' at 7pm
Thursday, September 30
Falvey Hall (in the Brown Center) at MICA.

Bill Morrison’s films and videos have been screened in theaters, museums, and concert halls worldwide, including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Museum of Modern Art, Royal Festival Hall, Sundance Film Festival, Tate Modern, and Walt Disney Concert Hall. Morrison is a Guggenheim fellow and has received the Alpert Award for the Arts, an NEA Creativity Grant, a Creative Capital grant, and a fellowship from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. His work with Ridge Theater has been recognized with two Bessie awards and an Obie Award.

Trash Humpers Screening @ Open Space

Hooray! Free screening of Harmony Korine's Trash Humpers 
Friday, October 1   10:00pm
2720 Sisson Street

"It's kind of like an ode to vandalism. There can be a creative beauty in their mayhem and destruction. You could say these characters are poets or mystics of mayhem and murder, bubbling up to the surface. They do horrible things, but I never viewed them as sad characters. They're comedic, with a vaudevillian horror element to what they do. They dance as they smash things and set them on fire. They're having a great time." - Harmony Korine

Electric Petting Zoo @ Gallery Four - part of High Zero

Electric Petting Zoo
Organized by Tom Boram 
Featuring work by Julie Benoit, Karl Ekdahl and Tristan Perich

"Electric Petting Zoo" brings together three visions of sound (or lack of it) in space and utilizes unique auto-didactic techniques for the construction of sound reinforcement and generation equipment.
Jackie listening to Julie's piece

Mike listening to Julie's piece

Rachel listening to Julie's piece

Tristan Perich

Karl Ekdahl

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Effervescent Collective presents Pluto Dances with music from Andrew Bernstein

The Effervescent Collective presents Pluto Dances with music from Andrew Bernstein
October 1 -3 at 9:00 pm
1801 Falls Road

3 nights of music and dance inspired by the only dwarf planet you can name.

"Pluto Dances" will be performed each night as well as "A Plutonian Recollection" choreographed by Caroline Marcantoni

These bands will also be playing:

Friday - Hungry Eyes (Amanda Schmidt solo)
Feast of the Epiphany (Nick Podgurski solo)

Saturday - Hume
DJ Mark Brown

Sunday - Super Dry (Members of Matmos & Drugs Bunny)

with a $5-$10 donation you will get a wristband that will be good for every night, so come 3 nights for the price of 1!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wham City Lecture Series returns . . . for real this time!

RM Obrien on Bruce Spring Steen and Connor Kizer on a New Esoteric Order
Wham City Lecture Series
Wednesday, September 22
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Bellfoundry, 1539 Calvert

A rescheduled magnificence! What you expected two weeks ago comes to glorious life, in what was then the future! Live the future now! Bob will tell you of this troubadour of the common man( or uncommon man), and Connor will ask you to help combat the erosion of meaning! Who will win??

Plus Cream Dream will make all your ice cream dreams come true.

Photos from Fusion @ Goya Contemporary

Fusion @ Goya Contemporary
Christian Marclay, Pia Fries, Wilhelm Mundt
On view through November 4 

Christian Marclay

Pia Fries

Christian Marclay

Pia Fries above and below

Rachel and Amy with Wilhelm Mundt's trash stone

Christian Marclay


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photos from the Opening of "Liberty B" @ Open Space

Liberty B @ Open Space
Curated by Hayley Silverman

Aleksandra Domanovic
Claude Closky
Damon Zucconi
Guthrie Longergan
Jacob Kirkegaard
Phillipe Van Wolputte

I would have preferred this work, much of which can be seen on the internet in various forums, on a single blog, with the content of the exhibiton's accompanying zine.  The distance of the pieces, the unimpressive physical presence of certain works, specifically Aleksandra Domanovic's paper stack, which look monumental in her studio documentation, worked against the curatorial statement and made it hard to digest as a whole.  

Photos from Desperate Times @ Subbasement Studios

Desperate Times 
Curated by Jason Irla
On view through October 9th 
Featuring works by: Darrell Appelzoller, John Bhbitb, Graham Coreil-Allen, Sarah Andrews McNeil, and Matthew Fishel. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photos from the Opening of "Doubting Thomases" @ Nudashank

Alex Lukas in front of his hand-painted title wall
Doubting Thomases
Curated by Alex Lukas
On view through October 8

Matt Leines in front of his painted/screenprinted masks

Michael and Lora

Jon in front of Dan Murphy's pieces

Alex and Matt

Bonnie and Jackie in front of Andrew Jeffrey Wright's super rares

Annie and Tim in front of Alex Lukas's submerged cities

Mike in front of AJW's Mr. ET

Phoung and Leah in front of Isaac Lin's pieces

Miranda in front of Micah Danges' work

Michael Lora and Seth

these dudes in front of Chris Kline's work

Yay! DJ made it to the show!

Ben Horns is a ladies' man


Alex and Nick in front of Dan Murphy's pieces

Lora and Alex with Bill McRight's mask

Andrew and Graham

These guys were from DC.

Dan Murphy in front of Isaac Lin's piece


Neal and Eric

lots of people looking at Alex Lukas' work

Maude! Nudashank's new intern!




Matt, Phu and Alex