Monday, June 1, 2009

Photos from Rectified @ Gallery Four

Juliana Dail foreground, and Gary Kachadourian's enlarged, photocopied drawing
Rectified, on view at Gallery Four through June 13, features the work of Gary Kachadourian, Jackie Milad, Juliana Dail and Ron Longsdorf:
Michael Dotson looking at Gary's tiny, foldable porta potties

Gary Kachadourian

Jackie Milad above and two below

Ron Longsdorf above and four below

Juliana Dail

Gary Kachadourian

Juliana Dail above and below

Jackie Milad

Juliana Dail
For more information on the exhibition, visit Gallery Four's website
Gallery Four is open on Saturdays from noon-5pm and by appointment, make sure to check it out.