Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Annual H&HScape! July 11 @ H&H Arts Building

H&HScape?! YES, the first ever! H&HScape takes place Saturday, July 11 from 8 - 11 PM. The building's three galleries, Nudashank, Gallery Four and The Whole Gallery will each unveil their satellite Artscape exhibition after the 2009 Sondheim prize is announced at the BMA.
Where The Sun Don't Shine
7.11 - 8.05
Opening Reception 7. 11. 2009
8 - 11 pm

Nick Van Woert
Jimmy Joe Roche
Annie Farrar
J M Giordano
Bart O'Reilly
Waltr Carpenter
Brendan Sullivan
Henry Winfiele

Through video, cut paper, drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, each artist employs a subtle humor that addresses the darker facets of contemporary existentialism. The work in this show (completely devoid of color), investigates this darkness with a cold, removed conceptual distance.

Protocol: \ Syntax \ Semantics

July 11 - August 29
Gallery Four goes coast to coast with its new exhibition featuring artists from
Los Angeles, Baltimore, and the District of Columbia. The artists in this show compile objects from material culture to invent a stunning new vernacular, which compliments and sometimes contradicts their original meaning
Artists: Shaun Flynn, Brian Randolph, Hadieh Shafie and Dan Steinhilber


The Whole
July 11 - August 9
A radix is the basis of a system of numeration, and implies the point from which everything else stems. This exhibit will showcase art that builds on itself and celebrates repetition.

Curators: Emily C-D and Jessica Unterhalter of the TwoCan Collective
Jennifer Becker, Michael Benevento, Brent Crothers, Gina Denton, Jennie Fleming, Ellen Ann Gallup, Dawn Gavin, Doug Hansen, Ben Piwowar and Renee Rendine

405 W Franklin Street 3rd and 4th Floors
Baltimore, MD 21201