Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photos from the Opening of CHROMATOSE @ Nudashank

David Staniunas and D'Metrius Rice
David Staniunas

Edward Max Fendley's untitled painting (left)

Nicholas Moenich and Bill Dunlap
Lora and Alex
Tatiana Berg

Ryan Browning
Michael and Brian
Herb Reith (left) and John Slaby

Nicholas Moenich

Andrew Kaufman's Vitrine#1
Sophie and Scott
John Bohl's "The Future" (right)
John and Annie in front of John's "Funhouse"

David Ross

Jameel Day
Michael and Tatiana
Bill Dunlap and Darren McManus
Stuart and Sarah
Tatiana Berg and Ted Gahl
Ted Gahl
Mike, Andrew and Steve
Edward Max Fendley's untitled painting
Brittany and Lora
Stuart Lorimer

CHROMATOSE is on view through September 19!