Friday, February 12, 2010

Three openings @ the H & H tonight

Friday, February 12, 7 -11 PM

Gallery 4
Terms of Use
February 12 - March 27
Colin Benjamin
Benjamin Kelley
David More
Mats Silversten

Gallery Four, an independent exhibition space in Downtown Baltimore will feature sculpture, installation, and works on paper by four artists from Norway, Chicago, and Baltimore. Terms of Use surveys our relationships to materiality and technology through naturalist meddling, sci fi curiosity, and salty humor.

New Paintings: Ted Ghal/Tatiana Berg
February 12 - March 12

Ted Gahl is a painter based in Providence, RI, on the verge of finishing his MFA at RISD. His work was recently featured in Postcards from the Edge @ Zieher Smith, NYC, Not Abstract1 @ Parker's Box, Brooklyn, and the publication MFA Now: The Next Generation of Painting.

Tatiana Berg is an artist based in NYC and recently received her BFA from RISD. She recently was an artist in residence at the Vermont Studio Center.

The Whole Gallery
Animal Attraction
Lizzy Brooks, Eo Ryoung Choi, Jennifer Coster, Karla Cott, Ian Gibson, Ginny Huo, Shai Ivgi, Sarah Jacobs, Joshua Lefchick, John McNeil, Katie Miller, Michel Modell, Kendall Siedlecki, Ryan Smith, Ye Jin Song, Ryan Soper, Chaney Trotter, Virginia Wagner, Eli Walker, Micah Walter

Animals have been pervasive in art-making since the dawn of time and continue to be so. The exhibition focuses on the ways in which contemporary artists deal with the subject of animals in the metaphorical and spiritual ways. As the 'lolcat' became the official mascot for the Internet over the past decade, new fetished of role-play have emerged in the form of consumed Furries. Playful horses and deer remind us of our fondness for kitsch. But, what does the animal represent as a totemic icon and a force of nature? In the wake of Modernism, artists have been open to explore the animal as a figurative and narrative device. Our fascination with animals transcends, fantasy and mysticism, enforces our nostalgia for the Trapper-Keeper generation and provides an opportunity to think abstractly about current trends.