Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tough Guy @ The Sub Basement Gallery

Tough Guy
A 20 Artist show curated by Eli Walker
Aug. 13- Aug. 25, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, Aug 13th 6 - 9 pm

Featuring: Jerome Acks, Josh Ammon, Colin Benjamin, Evan Bogess, Brendan Carroll, Sangho Choi, Matthew Fishel, Ethan Greene, Drew Griffith, Andrew Holmquist, Ben Horns, Matthew Jansen, Leo Kaplan, Jeffrey Kent, Chris LaVoie, Diego Leclery, Joshua Lefchick, Easton Miller, Patrick Rios, Anthony Romero, Camilo Sanin  & musical performance by MEAH!

In an effort to both perpetuate the discussion of gender roles in the arts and to disclose the artist-as-male stereotype, curator Eli Walker was asked to bring together a show that consisted entirely of male artists. Without falling for the hackneyed tropes of ironic, sensitive-male aesthetic nor the passive aggressive, faux-naivet√© dude art; the work was chosen from artists’ studios made over the last year as a true representation of their practice. This approach lends itself to investigate what it means to be a male artist today. Are men levied upon their Modernist counterparts after the wake of Post-Modernism? Has the long, evolving Feminist Movement liberated them from patriarchal form like photography did for painting? Is gender as definable as it once was now that we have a progressive understanding of sexual identity and gender association? Tough Guy proposes these questions by exhibiting a cross examination of 20 contemporary male artists and their individual interests.

The Sub Basement Gallery is a for profit exhibition space run by resident artist Jeffery Kent.
Call for appointment at (410) 659-6950 or via email to jeffrey@sbstudios.com. It is located
in the sub-basement of the The Atrium condominium building in Market Center, 118 N
Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21201.