Monday, June 6, 2011

Favorites from MICA's 2011 Commencement Exhibition

Max Guy and Ben Horns' Installation above and 4 below
Better late than never! There is some really impressive work coming out of this year's graduating class, smart pairings, group shows and collaborations as well as individual works.   Check out the highlights from this year's commencement exhibition:  

Rachel Borenstein (above and below)

I can't remember whose these were now, but I liked them!

Jimmy Costigan

Bettina Yung and Joanna Kopczyk 
 Joanna Kopczyk

 Margo Benson Malter

 Bettina Yung

 Maude Kasperzak

 Margo Benson Malter (above and below)

 Peggy Chiang and Margo Benson Malter

 Peggy Chiang above and below

Alan Lien (and maybe also Nick Peelor)

 Kaveri Raina

 Min Kim above and below

 Alan Lien above and below

 Peggy Chiang

 Lauren Brick

Miranda Pfeiffer

 Nick Peelor's amazing installation

Landscape drop ceiling