Sunday, October 5, 2008

"A Baltimore Love Thing" Closing Night

Tim Paggi's "A Baltimore Love Thing" closed at the Annex Theater this Saturday to a full and enthusiastic audience. The play, starring Maggie Burke and Owen Brightman as a dysfunctional couple in a post-apocalyptic Baltimore, is a smartly written comedy that balances its narrative with a postmodern awareness of the playwriting art.
Paggi introduces the audience to his play with a chorus (played by Sarah Perrich, Mike Farley, and Kevin Blackistone), whom he refers to by their numbers, telling of the changes to Baltimore in the years between now and the Baltimore of the future, citing, among the many atrocities, the Frat Boy Uprising in Charles Village.
As well as the two main characters, Adam Rothstein and Milana Brascavsky are a food-seeking, cat/mouse team of futuristic self-help-gurus. They hatch a scheme to help Terrance (Brightman) find love in return for food. Cat and Mouse choose Ester (Burke) as the girl for Terrance, and help to coach them into a caustic relationship.

Ester and Terrance have a fight at her party over the presence of "The Robot," played by Lana Goldzer, a destructive force in future-Baltimore. The robot, Ester and Terrance make odwallatov cocktails, escalating into a machismo suicide-showdown, the burning of City Hall and a lifestyle change for Ester. The show was excellent, fun, different and entertaining, we look forward to more work from Tim Paggi and his fellow playwrights at the Annex Theater.
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