Thursday, February 5, 2009

If I Didn't Care Opens @ Park School

Migiwa Orimo
If I Didn't Care, the ambitious, new exhibition at Park School's Gallery, features 3 regional and 26 national, female artists. Ranging from 30 to over 90, the included artists represent different generations and heritages, each sharing their personal and cultural perspectives. While a little dense, the exhibition is incredibly impressive, and has been embraced by both the exhibiting artists and the school community. Highlights include Laylah Ali, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Migiwa Orimo, and Negar Ahkami.
Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

Laylah Ali

Kate Bae

Swati Khurana

Negar Ahkami

Faith Ringgold, left, Joyce Scott, right

Paula Wilson

Tamasha Williamson, left, Howardena Pindell, right

Deborah Roberts

Isabel Manalo

Regina Vater

Isabel Manalo

Flo Oy Yong
For more information on the exhibition, visit the gallery's website.