Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Many Organs Opens @ Current Gallery

So Many Organs, the three-person (Dina Kelberman, Liz Donadio, and Ryan Syrell) show at Current Gallery has a title indicative of absurd Wham word-play. Far from a mission statement, the title seems to best describe the cartoon aesthetics of Kelberman and Syrell, but falls short of tying in the sterile interior photography of Donadio. Syrell's paintings, alternately structural studies and bloated, abstract masses serves as a bridge between the two extreme aesthetics, but is most successful when he pushes the comic element.

Hung in small clusters of each artist's work, the show was most comfortable between Dina's cardboard, Richard Tuttle-like wall pieces and Ryan's paintings. The consistency falls off between the cardboard and photography, which is clustered to the front and rear of the gallery.

Mike Benevento and Tony Shore talking art

Donadio's photographs were somewhat dwarfed in the overall exhibition, perhaps due to the print size and presentation. Had she gone larger, and in groups of 3 or 4 images, the work would have fit more comfortably between Kelberman's large-scale pieces, and Syrell's clean-handed triptychs.
For more information on the exhibition and artists, visit Current Gallery's website.