Saturday, May 16, 2009

Highlights from the MICA Art Walk

Casey Reed Johnson
The MICA Art Walk, which took place Thursday, May 14, allowed collectors, and interested members of the art community a chance to preview the commencement work of the MICA class of 2009:

Sakura Gonomaru

Ashley Mack

Jessica Somers

Chris McGuinness

Brendan Sullivan

Becca Morrin

Casey Reed Johnson

Na Kim

Ashley Mack above and below

John Gilman

Dierdre Shea

Bo Mi Jang

Ursa Eyer

Joshua Mott

Andrew Davis above and below

John Horner

Sean Reichert

Collaborative installation by Alex D'Agostino, Nathan Hauenstein, Malcolm Lomax, Chelsea White and Daniel Wickerham above and below.

Alex Roulette RULES. above and two below

Gideon Chase

Abigail Peterson

Brendan Sullivan
Check out the Senior shows at MICA, there is a lot to see, but its totally worth it.