Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Pendulum, The Pit, and Hope opens @ Metro Gallery

The Pendulum, The Pit, and Hope
New work from Natasha Tylea
Opening Reception: November 7, 2009 at 8pm
November 7th through November 29th
Metro Gallery

This work strives to find the most overlooked or ordinarily mundane
subjects and locate the corner where it all gets weird. To witness the
irk in life. Little explorations in the moment between a grim reality
and a possibly great reality, the space between despair and
enlightenment. There is a comfort there, as these sensations are the
sustenance of life, but there is also the spook of fate in our bones.
The photographs conjure this sensation while giving new light to the
spook. There is always a sense of hope in all these mixed emotions, if
one resists the whitewashing methods of this America and the dumbing,
numbing, narrowing down of letting fear live here. The photographs are
carefully conceived in seconds. The work is often composed entirely of
painterly moods from hues, stark instances, quaint folks or insect
perspectives. The camera for Natasha, lives in this hope and that
spook, and channels it by hand.