Monday, November 30, 2009

Art on Purpose presents 20 Years of Wandering @ the Walters

Sunday December 6
Walters Art Museum
2 - 5 pm

20 Years of Wandering highlights personal stories and experiences, related to the heroic journey of the Greek hero Odysseus. The first event celebrates the art and stories of refugees and immigrants who participated in art workshops, sharing tales of harrowing journeys, thwarted ambitions, and lost homes.


Multi-ethnic musical performances

Helene Coccagna, curatorial research assistant, Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece, and Gustavo Torres, Founding Director of CASA de Maryland, explore affinities between the experiences of immigrants today with those of the Greek hero Odysseus.
The Walters Art Museum / GRAHAM AUDITORIUM

This event is open to the public.