Monday, April 12, 2010

HORROR VACUI opens @ Nudashank

Horror Vacui
April 16th - May 7th 2010
Opening Reception: Friday April 16th 6pm-8:30pm
The opening reception is free, but to see the rest of the festival that occupies the 3rd through the 6th floors of the H&H, there is a $10 admission.

Nudashank will be presenting Horror Vacui, a group exhibition featuring Laura Brothers (NY), Harrison Haynes (NC), Benjamin Phelan (NY), Dan Gluibizzi Jr (NY), and Charles Broskoski (NY). This multimedia exhibition will include painting, sculpture, photography, video and digital prints. The title Horror Vacui refers to a fear of empty spaces, each of the works use retro sci-fi aesthetics to examine the fear of the emptiness of a contemporary existence so heavily enmeshed with technology.