Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photos from Horror Vacui @ Nudashank and the Transmodern Festival 2010

Dan Gluibizzi in front of his painting, "Ancient Night"

Dan Deacon, looking professional

Rachel and the cutest kids ever

Seth and Max and folk

Alex by Ben Phelan's sculpture

Mary Helena

Liz, Shaun and Carly



Rob and Joe

Liz Z.

Kaitlin on the right and friends

Ryan, Christian Herr and Marco
Victoria and friends



Sara and Emily

Max and the ladies

Suzy Poling

Michael Benevento & Andrew Liang's Whack A Mole

Lauren Bender

Suzy Poling

Whack a Mole

Scott Pennington

Suzy Poling

Robby Rackleff

Whack a Mole

Fantastic Planet Installation