Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Sondheim Finalists @ the BMA

Doreen Bolger introducing the exhibition

Chris LaVoie above and 8 below

Chris LaVoie's Lumber Crying

That weight is made of pureed OK Computer CDs!!!

Ryan Hackett

Ryan Hackett above and below

Matthew Dale Janson above and 7 below

Grate Stuff gut crib

Parlor Rat

Karen Yasinsky combines Robert Altman films California Split and Thieves Like Us in her 3 minute animation "You Have to be Very Careful"

Matt Porterfield's Hamilton

Some photos by Nate Larson of Twitter locations; this project may as well have page would make the most narrative sense as a book

Leah Cooper's installation

The finalist exhibition is on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The prize will be announced on the evening of July 10th, followed by the second annual H&Hscape opening!