Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two plays @ the Annex Theatre this weekend

June 24th, 26th and 27th
8 pm
The Annex Theatre (419 E. Oliver St. 2W)

The story follows our superpowered hero and his huge team of friends through different planets and Derek's own subconscious to fight the true evil of the universe. MR. M. The playwright's from Curtis Bay Middle School in way south Baltimore, and he's 14. The cast is mostly youngsters from Greenmount West neighborhood. Come check it out!

Made possible by a grant from Kresge Arts in partnership with The Baltimore Community Foundation. Thank you also to our partners Child First and The New Greenmount West Community Association.


FANCINESS VS. THE VOID by Savannah Reich
June 25th
8 pm
The Annex Theatre

[purge the world of deadness. purge the world of nothingness. fight the void. choose fanciness.]
Heroes floating aimlessly though the ocean in a small SHANTY BOAT after a MYSTERIOUS apocalyptic event! Will they find meaning in their lives beyond PURE SURVIVAL? Is there any point to making ART when there is no AUDIENCE? If LOVE does not EXIST, is it possible to INVENT it? A story of humanity lost and found, improbable romance, and fish singing country music.
A CatFish Presentation