Monday, September 29, 2008

Curators' Incubator Opens @ Maryland Art Place

Frank Klein

Maryland Art Place's Curators' Incubator, an annual event that highlights and encourages emerging curators, opened this past weekend and featured two distinct and interesting exhibitions.
Rebecca Webber chose to focus on surveillance imagery in her show, Invisible Omniscience: Seeing and the Seen, while Zoma Wallace and T. Shareen Dash sought to define the term and showcase artwork from the art collective Afrikatalyst (also the title of their exhibition).

Webber's show featured a variety of perspectives and approaches to the idea of surveillance. Artists Leslie Furlong, and Christa Erickson dealt with actual footage from different kinds of surveillance cameras -Furlong using footage from cameras recording weather data in Hawaii to show the absence of event in surveillance, and Erickson creating a hopscotch grid from international imagery.
Also from Invisible Omniscience:
Brendan Howell

Eric Parnes, left and William Betts right and below

Afrikatylist included a number of powerful pieces, each of which contained its own message, whether encrypted, as in William Nathanial Thomas IV 's 14 pieces (containing codes in hieroglyphics, graffiti tags and other symbols to tell a story), or more obviously in the picture-poems of Akil E Kennedy.
Also from Afrokatalyst:
Jonathan Edwards

James Phillips

Johnnie Bess above and below

Curators' Incubator will run through October 25th
Maryland Art Place
8 Market Place, Suite 100
Baltimore, Maryland 21202