Sunday, September 14, 2008

Load Of Graffiti

Karly Fae Hansen (left), whose official title at Load of Fun is "Minion of Fun," put together this year's Load of Graffiti, an annual party/revamping of the alley way behind the gallery. In the past, Load of Fun has butted heads with the city over its right to graffiti in the space, due to its likelihood to inspire additional artists to "deface" other properties in the area - but this year, the gallery was given the conditional "go-ahead."

Hansen gathered her group of artists through some extensive internet outreach. By posting her photos from this event in years past, Karly has accumulated a group of graffiti artists/friends, some of whom traveled from Pennsylvania to contribute to the project.
Many of the artists started their pieces on Friday afternoon, but were forced to throw down their cans on account of the rain, so there was still plenty of action in the alley way during the reception on Saturday evening.
To see more photos from this year's Load of Graffiti, or from past Loads of Graffiti, you can check out Karly's flickr album.
Stop by and check out the new art behind 120 W North Ave, and please kids, don't tag the Station North area outside the alley, or we might lose this exciting, outdoor-art institution.