Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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Best Local Art Web Site
There Were Ten Tigers

Part art and culture journal, part hipster society pages, relative newcomer to the growing Baltimore art blog community There Were Ten Tigers has been garnering attention, praise, and coveted blog-roll links since launching in March. And for good reason: Conceived by local artist and writer Alex Ebstein, Ten Tigers features smart, eloquently worded exhibition reviews and slick photos from the founder and her fellow contributors Sara Seidman, Dixie Johnson, and Mark Brown, while maintaining the youthful enthusiasm that sets it apart from other art blogs of local and national notoriety. Don't get us wrong, we still love old favorites like Bmore Art, but we're glad to have a little variety in the Charm City art blogosphere.

Wow. We are so flattered/honored/beside ourselves. Thanks Baltimore City Paper!!

In the profound, yet concise, words of Sara Seidman, "We're # 1!"

Also we would like to further rep Bmore Art, because we love Cara and her blog!