Sunday, December 7, 2008

American Standard; DIY Done Right

Tom Sach's "For Neistat Use Only"

The American Standard Gallery, a collective, first-time project of mostly New York based artists, boasts a prime location across from Aqua Wynwood. The brainchild of artists Jonathan Schenker, Andrew Barrer, Gabe Ferrari and Nick Tiger (best middle name EVER) Poe, in conjunction with the 7Eleven Gallery, American Standard has a fresh and eclectic exhibition.
Jonathan Scheckner and Andrew Barrer manning the desk
Afforded the first floor of Scheckner's parents' printing factory, the artists worked for two months to prepare their show, recruiting friends, professional acquaintances, and eventually established artists like Tom Sachs and Alexis Rockman. Already looking ahead to next year, The American Standard Gallery (which may or may not be a reference to toilets...kind of awesome) is an inspiring example of a successful DIY Miami art event. We look forward to seeing more from these kids!
Gromet Cat by Eva Lewitt

These drawings by Kevin Golden were my favorite...but I am a sucker for small drawing. And monsters.
Francesco Galetto and India Donaldson

Alexis Rockman's "Hotelscape"

John Waite's "Skull"

John Waite's "I (Have) A Great Future Behind Me"

Drawing by Theo Rosenblum
For more information on The American Standard Gallery project, visit their website: