Saturday, December 6, 2008

Aqua Wynwood Opening in Miami

me, in Miami
So far, Aqua Wynwood, the gallery district location for the Aqua Art fair, has been the most impressive, slick and exciting fair we've seen. Having a definite West Coast aesthetic, although an extensive range of work, Aqua Wynwood is a [slightly overwhelming] maze of neon and big names. Rented year round by the Aqua fair, the space has been extremely well considered, and easy to move though. The opening featured outdoor live-painting and a theater for video work-something a temporary tent set-up just doesn't allow for. Also, it must be noted that we drank lots of Campari, thanks to the fair's sponsors.
Sara Tecchia gallery
Brian Chippendale

Marcel Dzama <3

Dave and Jenn- yup thats what they go by.
Kyle Fields <3>

Kyle Fields takes it to the 3rd dimension
Lily Desaussure at Project 4's booth
Dave, of "Dave and Jenn" nex to Tokyo Kamen's fuzzy sculpture/monsters
Maria E. Pineros
Jackie Tileston

Mingering Mike at the Hemphill booth
Michael Roth's foam animals
Lena Wolff
Rachel Davis
The cool kids get down with Henry Darger
Macha Suzuki loves squirrels.
Valerie Hammond rips off Kiki Smith. Hard.
David Adey's "new lamb"
So much art! I highly recommend Aqua, both locations, but especially their Wynwood fair. Rad.