Sunday, December 28, 2008

MCA Denver @ A Glance

Designed by David Adjaye, The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver opened in October of 2007. Their current exhibitions include works from Damien Hirst, Jonas Burgert, Jane Hammond, Adam Helms, Terry Maker, and Omer Fast.

"Toxic Schizophrenia" by British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster

"Second Day Nothing" by Jonas Burgert

Maurizio Cattelan's Wrong Gallery shows up in the gift shop

"MCA DENVER has five distinct galleries, three spaces for education, multiple sites for special projects/commissioned works and one live art/lecture hall. The galleries perform in a rotation sequence that allows the Museum to always remain in an active state, thus offering something new to be seen upon each return visit. MCA DENVER excites artists and visitors alike to enter into creative conversations that extend beyond our walls."

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