Monday, April 20, 2009

Off the Wall Opens @ The Whole Gallery

Spider and web by Freda Mohr, Pink tentacle by Christina Martinelli
Off the Wall, a group show of installation work rooted to the floor or suspended from the ceiling, opened at the Whole Gallery this weekend. Curated by Emily C-D, the show features 19 artists working with plastics, fabrics, fibers, bones, feathers and roller skates, filling the entire gallery and overflowing out the windows to the sub-roof below. Decidedly interactive, the opening included performance, crafting, and lounging in Alzaruba's cave-like plastic installation, complete with couches and chairs. While the opening was the main event, the exhibition will be on view through May 17. For more information, visit the new Whole Gallery blog!
Sarah Matson

Dino by Annie Gray, geodesic domes by Liz Zacharia

Jill Greenberg

Jen Kirby, above and below

Ellen Nielsen's points, Liz Ensz's roller skate parachutes

Caitlin Murphy

John Bohl and Sarah Matson

Alzaruba's plastic in the background

Elisa Urtiaga performing

Edward Knapp's tree with skull, Gina Denton's felt blob

Alzaruba's installation

Me with plastic in my face

Seth with plastic in his face

Someone trying to escape the plastic

Joe Giordano!

Melissa Webb's outdoor installation

Dixie and Rusty