Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo and more from Wrath of Khan

This weekend the Annex Theatre, under the direction of Michael Farley and Ryan Mitchell, presented Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan (the play). Taken from the small screen to the big screen and now to the stage, the Wrath of Khan featured high energy performances and imaginative sets. The Wrath of Khan tells the story of the USS Reliant searching for a dead planet for Project Genesis, this enables Khan to escape from a 15 year exile to seek revenge on Kirk.

Evan Moritz gave a stellar performance as Admiral James "Jim" T. Kirk. While giving nods to the original Kirk played by William Shatner, he still was able to perform as a character and not a caricature. Kaitlin Murphy played a passionate Khan set on revenge. The Khan clan looked as if they might have wandered off the set of Waterworld, but fashion is difficult to keep up with while being banished on Centi Alpha V. Tim Paggi as Kirk's illegitimate blond haired son added an extra element of humor as well as showing how bratty a scientist can be. Typecasting was apparent, though it seemed to add to the play with easily recognizable characters. The use of viewscreens and sliding doors really brought familiar elements of Star Trek to life.

Sets were true to the campiness of the movie. Using puppetry and special effects, we were really transported where no man had gone before. Stand out scenes took place in the elevator where Kirk first tries to put the moves on Lt. Commander Saavik, gets interrupted by Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, and finally has trouble communicating with Dr Carol Marcus through a viewscreen. The play ends on a somber note as Captain Spock sacrifices his own life to save the crew of the Enterprise with one last unexpected and tender moment with Kirk.