Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reverse Ark Open Call for Workshop Proposals


The Contemporary Museum

100 W. Centre Street

Most Saturday Afternoons Through August

In the tradition of free schools and with a shared curiosity aboutlearning, join us Saturday afternoons this summer for free workshops,readings, and film screenings as we explore some of the ideassurrounding the exhibition "The Reverse Ark". Workshops will investigate a range of topics such as interdependence, post-industrialproduction, storytelling, and community, as they pertain to practicesas diverse as art, science, and public policy.

The Reverse Ark School house seeks to use the framework created by the Futurefarmers to generate dialogue in an art environment that is socially, politically,and environmentally relevant.


The Reverse Ark Schoolhouse is currently accepting proposals forworkshops or events to make up our curriculum For more information,e-mail, or visit their blog,

UPCOMING Saturday, May, 2nd 2–4pm2059: A Time Capsule WorkshopCome to the Contemporary to work on a time capsule! Daniel Allende andthe Contemporary Museum invite everyone to bring small personaleffects, souvenirs and messages to be sealed away for 50 years.Bringing something is encouraged but not necessary.