Monday, September 7, 2009

High Zero Opening Party @ Load of Fun

High Zero Opening Party
September 8th, 2009
@ Load of Fun 120 W North Ave. Baltimore

7:30 PM - $6 admission

The High Zero festival kicks off with a party at the site of High Zero's gallery installation show, INEQUALITIES, and will feature varied performances by the installation artists. Tickets available only at the door.


High Zero Sound Installations
August 28th - September 14th, 2009
@ Load of Fun 120 W North Ave. Baltimore

Since 2001, High Zero Festival has included a gallery show of installations, primarily to do with sound and other elements related to the broad experimental music and thought culture of which High Zero is a part. This year, High Zero Foundation presents INEQUALITIES, a gallery show at the Load of Fun curated with works of four very interesting local artists. Special thanks are due to Ric Royer and Sherwin Mark, and to the artists. The gallery does not have regular hours but is often accessible during the day, and is accessible during all Load of Fun events. See for a schedule.

Included works-

"Tempest" by Waltr carpenter

A continuously morphing rhythmic stream produced by a modular synthesizer with radio emissions being used as modulation sources.

"Space Is Deep" by Owen Gardner

The three guitars are tuned to certain resonant frequencies of the room, which the e-bows sound continuously and over a long duration. The specificity of the tuning and the durational aspect of the sound, combined with the superimposition of this aestheticized simulation of the room on the actual room, will (I hope!) subtly alter and make more beautiful the experience of being in the space.

"my_ga" by Jesse Haas

Computer runs a program that modifies its input (digital audio signal) by a method which is loosely based on the concepts of evolution and genetic recombinance (my_ga = my genetic algorithm). Starting with a live recording of local band Janitor, the program randomly performs hacked-up signal processing operations on its input until it assembles something it considers musical, plays that, then scrambles it up and attempts to make it musical again, ad infinitum.

"A Girl Said." by Ayako Kataoka

A girl said (acrylic resin, 10" x 10" x 2", 2007), was inspired by my explorations to capture sound in solid form. After experimentation with running sound waves through ceramics slip, jelly, milk, plasters and water to visualize sound and forms, I conceived of a method to realize the project by using a rapid prototype machine. A girl said was made from FFT (Fast Fourier transform) analysis data of a girl saying 'I love you'. This sound data was analyzed and modeled in the software programs Max/MSP Jitter and form-Z. Following this, a 3D acrylic resin object was materialized via a rapid prototyping process, also known as stereo-lithography.

"Power Wagons" by Jimmy Joe Roche

Charles Manson's psychic manifestation cult of peace. Jimmy Joe Roche channels Manson in his living room and alters the past by injecting himself in Hitchcock’s the Birds.