Friday, September 11, 2009

Stuff: Domestic Treasures opens @ Metro Gallery

Stuff: Domestic Treasures

Saturday, September 12, 2009 – 7 p.m.
DJ Nugget and DJ Eskimodane play music. 7-10

Baltimore artists Natasha Tylea and Elena Johnston welcome seven notable local artists to showcase their domestic treasures. This exhibition is about the objects that we, as artists, assign meaning to. The private shrines we create in our intimate spaces, studios, and bedrooms. It is important to celebrate not only the artists’ creations, but the stuff that they find inspiration in. These simple objects work together to explain the way these artists interpret themselves. The show will take the form of installations complete with tokens and collections.

Participating Artists:
Monique Crabb takes photographs and is a director of the Current Gallery.
Shaun Flynn is a Baltimore musician who makes posters and sculptures.
Katherine St Paul Hill is a singer of Lexie Mountain Boys, makes drawings, and decorates cakes at Charm City Cakes.
Elena Johnston is an illustrator who publishes art books.
Dina Kelberman is a part of Wham City and makes comics.
Victoria Legrand is the singer for Baltimore band, Beach House.
Stefani Levin is a part of Wham City and makes puppets.
Katie Rose makes drawings, loves maps, and decorates cakes at Charm City Cakes.
Natasha Tylea makes photos, melts metal and mixes music.