Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gründlehämmer @ 2640 Space

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society Proudly Presents Their Debut Producion

October 2nd through 4th

2640 Space @ 2640 Saint Paul Street

Friday and Saturday at 7 pm

Sunday at 5:30 pm

Gründlehämmer is an entirely original, medieval, fantasy rock opera that combines completely ridiculous stage theatrics with great live music. Gründlehämmer will feature 15 original rock songs performed live by a 7-piece metal orchestra, in addition to a full cast and crew of talented people.

Imagine a medieval world where music ruled: plants grow at the beckoning of a farmer’s guitar; battles between good and evil are won by the man with the shiniest guitar (and the sweetest riffs). This vision, imagined by a group of Goucher College graduates, inspired the formation of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. The process of creating their debut production—Gründlehämmer—is an extensive one and the BROS began working on their rock opera in January of 2008. The entire script and fifteen original songs have been written collaboratively. The DIY project has grown to over 100 Baltimore residents, artists, musicians, and actors who are enthusiastically lending their time, talents, and skills to the production.

Gründlehämmer takes place in the mythical land of Brotopia, a once prosperous agrarian Kingdom where the melody of an electric guitar wields power enough to tend a field of crops, to heal the sick, or to smite an enemy. The great farming musicians of Brotopia have become disgraced under leadership of the tyrannical Dark King, Lothario. With the aid of the Royal Guard, Lothario has oppressed his citizens, confiscated the powerful instruments that gave voice to their music, and formed an alliance with an immortal cave-dwelling monster, the Gründle. While most Brojans live their lives in fear, an innocent young boy of great talent is coming of age in a tiny hamlet on the outskirts of the Kingdom. His tremendous skills on the guitar bring hope to the tiny farming village and spark the flames of resistance in those that can still remember TRUE ROCK. Will this young boy cast off his innocence to claim the Gründlehämmer? Will the Dark King release his iron grip on the lifeblood of Brotopia? Join the Brojans in their struggle to reclaim the power of Rock and Roll. GRÜNDLEHÄMMER!!!

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