Friday, December 4, 2009

Transmodern Fundraiser @ the H & H

Saturday, December 5, 2009
H&H Building
405 W. Franklin Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Pricing change!!!!
$12.00 ticket or - $20.00 ticket includes a copy of the 2009 Transmodern soft-cover book. We will hold the book at the door for you to take home when you leave the event.

$10.00 ticket or $18.00 ticket includes 2009 Transmodern book.

Student (with STUDENT ID)
$8.00 ticket or $16.00 ticket includes 2009 Transmodern book.

Additional copies of the 2009 Transmodern book will be $12.00 a piece.

This event will support the 7th annual Transmodern Festival, happening April 15-18, 2010 at the H&H Building. Each year Transmodern features the work of provocative cultural experimenters, performance artists, musicians, filmmakers, and more from Baltimore and the World. Come out and show your support!

Please join us for a night of eclectic performance culminating in a mass dance party lead by DJ Jason Willett and the Baltimore Westsiders Marching Band. We may have to hold the door at 300 people due to the space needed for the band to perform - so try to get to Floristree @ 10:00pm at the latest if possible.

We can barely contain our excitement about this event and luckily we have the two coolest MCs in town to guide us on our road to the ecstatic dance explosion:
Citizen Rahne Alexander & Wham City Best Man Connor Kizer.

Performers and Schedule:

Dina Kelberman & Lesser Gonzalez
Fantastic dada/absurdist short films and "Double-Blind Comics"

Angie Head
Singer Songwriter Extraordinaire joining us from the vibrant Wash. DC Af-Am queer scene.

Andy Hayleck & Paul Neidhardt
Two of Baltimore's finest sound experimenters present a sonic duo on amplified gong and Neil Feather's Nondo.

Polygons & Effervescent Dancers
Josh Atkins & Miguel Sabogal bring synth/electronic/groove improvised with excellent craft & imagination. The Effervescent Dancers are a corps of intellectual movement specialists using dance as medium to question consensus reality.

DJ Jason Willett & The Westsiders Marching Band
The Westsiders will perform LIVE several special works for the evening and will then provide drum corp and dance routine accompaniment to songs specially chosen by Jason for the night