Friday, December 4, 2009

BRING BACK LIFE! Variety Show @ Copycat Theatre

Performance Variety Show Pt. IV
@ The Copycat Theatre – B-403 – 1511 Guilford Ave
Saturday, December 5th - Eight Thirty – Free Show

Join us for a night of performances, music, dance, video, burlesque, show tunes, poetry, and puppetry. The Performance Variety Show showcases new, experimental performance work by artists from the Baltimore community. These shows desire to bring into proximity performers and social groups that seldom cross-fertilize. To create a nest for performance work that is a safe space of incubation and is as supportive as the niche of the music community. This event is for everybody. Come support those who wish to perform for YOU!

The Copycat Theatre is a new DIY experimental theatre located in the Copycat warehouse, focusing on building community and dialogue through theatre and performance. We aim to alter traditional conventions of space, movement, tension, language, and sound through theatre and collaborative experiences. We are currently interested in creating a total experience for the senses, instilling magic in possibility!

Performers -Dec. 5th

Marla Parker
Freeky Deeky
Joseph Schroeder
Ryan Dunn
Josh Van Horn
Hoesy Corona
John Bylander
Dan Allende
Tumpy Tunkins
Monica Mirabile
"Mountain Top Removal"
a special presentation...

Artwork by Hoesy Corona and John Chae
TV Installation by Will Toulan