Friday, December 4, 2009

Magic Eye presents "Passerine" @ Load of Fun

MAGIC EYE presents “Passerine”
Sunday, December 6th – 8pm - $6
The Lof/t at Load of Fun (120 W. North Ave)

Magic Eye is pleased to present Raha Raissnia and Kenny Wollesen on their Baltimore debut. They will premiere a sound / performance collaboration titled "Passerine".

Raissnia is Brooklyn-based expanded cinema artist. Influenced by the work of Harry Smith, Bruce Conner, Jim Davis and Paul Sharits, she incorporates painting, live projection and installation in her performances. Combining collaged and hand-painted 35mm slides with 16mm film projections, Raissnia’s projections produce a “slow-moving montage during which scenes are at once temporary and aleatory. The arrangement underscores cinema’s inherent paradoxical structure of manipulating stillness to conjure up the illusion of movement.” (R.R.)

Recent exhibitions include Miguel Abreu Gallery (NY), Kill Your Timid Notions Festival (Dundee, Scotland) and Xippas Gallery (Paris).

“My work in general aspires to music. Time dimension, like in music, structures the unfolding of my still images, whether they be paintings, drawings, or hand painted collaged slides and films. I am interested in producing synaesthesia effects. In my film performances I use my prepared projectors like musical instruments and incorporate improvisational techniques.” – R.R.

Drummer Kenny Wollesen is an artist of astonishing versatility, skill, and ingenuity. He has been one of the most active musicians in N.Y.C.'s downtown jazz and avant-garde scene. In the recent years he has been leading his own highly innovative and artistic bands: Himalayas and Wollesonic Laboratories for which he collaborates on making a variety of homemade instruments that are surreal, filled with subtlety and ingenuity. These bands tend to perform in unusual settings and events and evolve and morph with time. The members of these bands include such artists as Dalius Naujo, Jonas Mekas, Jonathan Haffner, Jeniffer Harris, and many more.

Kenny has long been collaborating with John Zorn and is a member of his band Masada. He has been touring and recording extensively with Bill Frisell and the band Sex Mob.