Friday, January 8, 2010

Baltidelphia @ the Hexagon

January 9th to February 6th, 2010.
Opening reception: Saturday, January 9th, from 6:00 - 8:00
Closing celebration with artists from both cities present: Saturday, February 9th, from 6:00 - 9:00 pm.

My House Gallery in South Philadelphia will also host an opening reception on January 9th starting at 6 PM. Light refreshments, and as always, all ages and BYOB for 21+.

The Hexagon, in conjunction with My House Gallery (Philadelphia), presents: Baltidelphia, an experimental collaboration curated by Phuong Pham (the Hexagon) and Alex Gartelmann (My House). The Baltidelphia exhibition features 21 Baltimore artists paired with 21 Philadelphia artists who were asked to collaborate/correspond through whatever means they chose--facebook, text message, twitter, carrier pigeon, postal mail, sky-writing, etc. Rather than get lost in the flood of tweeting that flickrs to your tumbl that feeds to your blog (LOL smileyface), Baltidelphia embraces communication, distance, and geography as points of departure to create a project.

Baltidelphia will be exhibited in both Baltimore and Philadelphia, with selections of the projects being displayed in each spaces. The Hexagon will have a soft opening on Saturday, January 9th, as some participating Baltimore artists will be traveling to My House Gallery for a joint opening reception. Philadelphia artists will travel to Baltimore, Saturday, February 6th for the closing.

Participating artists (Bmore & Philly): Kathy Beachler & Martha Savery, Emily Claire Dierkes & Jim Grilli, Miguel Sabogal & Bryan Patrick Rice, Jon Bevers & Damian Weinkrantz, Kathleen Mazurek & Daniel Potterton, Sarah Magida & Kristen Neville, Mike Riley & Tim Pannell, Jared Fischer & Tyler Kline, Freda Mohr & Andrew Brehm, Heather Von Marko & Hannah Heffner, Julie Pahr & Fernando Ramos, Andrew Geddes & Daniel Petraitis, Na Kim & Mike Ryan, Jennifer Mullins & Leah Mackin, Ric Royer & Beth Heinly, Robert Brulinski & Piper Brett, Magnolia Laurie & Nike Desis, Megan Lavelle & Jen Gin, Sean Scheidt & Masha Badinter, Monique Crab & Hope Rovelto, Phuong Pham & Alex Gartelmann