Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Romantic Evening With! @ the 14th Karat Cabaret

A Romantic Evening With!
at The 14 Karat Cabaret
218 West Saratoga St

A touching night of songs and stories about "love" (by love we mean sickness, by sickness we mean true love).

Our love-studded bill features Ric Royer, The Creepers, Virgina and Jared, Milana Braslavsky, and someone else!
PLUS: A Kissing Booth sponsored by Chipotle (The Chipotle Kissing Booth)!

This is part of "The LOS/t series": events that were supposed to be at The LOF/t but had to be moved because of non-romantic reasons.

$6 at the door, or $5 for lovers.

[ps, this evening will be dedicated to David Franks, who will forever be one of Baltimore's greatest prankster, poets, and romantics. David died last week of natural causes at the age of 61. I will read some of David's work, like "Love is making me sick", at this event. For more about DF]