Friday, January 15, 2010

COLLINSPORT @ 2640 tonight

Geodesic Gnome presents

Friday, January 15, 2010
8:00pm - 11:00pm 2640 Space 2640 St. Paul Street Baltimore, MD

Don't miss this major event! John Berndt, Stephanie Barber, Ric Royer and Connor Kizer's COLLINSPORT is an inquiry into the structural anomalies of Dark Shadows (1966-1971), the American gothic-occult soap-opera famous for its unstable cast, momentum-less plot, and unusually over-elaborate dialog.

In this multimedia production of COLLINSPORT performed by Geodesic Gnome, all these elements and more are made to spin faster and faster in a test-tube until a precipitate of pure, undiluted reason drops onto the floor and shatters along with the known universe. Carved from the molten ice of popular-culture-as-psychedelic-logical-modality, the piece is a direct expression of your greatest fears about misunderstanding, enthused lethargy, and, well, vampires. Add to this the obscure theory of 'paradox paradoxes' which threatens to consume all of semantics and what have you got?


With the immortal talents of:

Connor Kizer
Stephanie Barber
Lexie Mountain
Peter Blasser
John Eaton
Samuel Burt
Ric Royer
Sarah El Jallad
John Berndt
Mike Muniak
Melissa Moore
Peter Blasser
Kate Porter
Liz Meredith

Geodesic Gnome is Baltimore's meta-conceptual super-group, performing boundary-defying philosophy and paradoxes-as-structure, lead by John Berndt. In this case the group is joined by Baltimore geniuses Connor Kizer and Stephanie Barber for this unique tribute to the Dark Shadows of Dark Shadows.