Monday, July 5, 2010

H&H Double Opening, Saturday July 10 After the Sondheim Prize Announcement!


Seth Crawford
Georgia Dickie
Mitch Magee
Nathan Manuel
Nick Van Woert

July 10th- July 31st
Reception: 8:00 - 11pm
An all sculpture show of works that play on home decor, household objects, furniture, and function.

The opening reception follows the announcement of the Sondheim Prize at the BMA and is in conjunction with receptions at Gallery Four and the Whole Gallery. CURRENT Gallery will also be having a reception for their reopening video show- Baltimore vs. the World. 1 block away on Howard Street.


July 10th - August 28th

Reception: Saturday, June 10th 8:30PM - 11PM

Gallery Four brings San Francisco based artist John Chiara to Baltimore for a residency to create new works for an exhibition with Baltimore artists Christine Bailey, James Rieck, and Jacqueline Schlossman. You and Me Living Today / Vol. 2 / The Land is the second half of a two volume series, showcasing the exploration of horizon as a contemporary mantra.

This exhibition opens in conjunction with Nudashank Gallery in the H&H Building, immediately after the Sondheim announcement July 10th.