Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sondheim Semi-finalist Show @ MICA

Shaun Flynn

The Sondheim Semi-finalist show was...weird. Really, really inconsistent, and not particularly interesting. Sure, its just a survey of the artists who were selected without any curatorial thread, but: work was separated, not grouped by artist, there was too much work for the space, nothing could really breathe, and some of it was just not good.... Our favorites were Kim Manfredi, Melissa Webb, Shaun Flynn, Dawn Gavin, Sebastian Martorana, and Evan LaLonde.

There is lots of drawing in this drawing

Melissa Webb

Alzaruba's piece was kind of scary

Kim Manfredi

Adam Rush

Dawn Gavin

Sebastian Martorana

Ledelle Moe

Evan LaLonde

Hadieh Shafie

Brent Crothers

Ok, what happened here? Bob Nickas...why didn't you put your foot down?

Maggie Michael working in graphite and some antiquated something, who does she think she is? Molly Springfield? I want paintings! They're good!

Travis Childers

Christopher Saah

A subtle Cory Oberndorfer painting

Did the dude in the shirt make that thing?