Monday, June 9, 2008

Telectroscope, Art, Fibs and Fiber Optics

Granted this is not the NEWest news, the Telectroscope which allows Brooklyn to glimpse London in real time, and vice versa, is still pretty awesome.
The Telectroscope, (allegedly) the brainchild of artist Paul St. George’s great-grandfather, is a public art project that investigates the whimsy of the childhood notion that one can dig through the earth to the other side. St. George claims that the massive contraption works through a system of mirrors that run along an actual, underground tunnel to London, however it is actually operating on a fiber optic cable. People in both cities can stare at each other in real-time and make appointments to wave at friends and family abroad.
Our newest Ten Tigers contributor, James Marsh, visited the scene and took some fabulous photos and video of the Telectroscope in action, and some people looking at him in London.

For additional information on the Telectroscope project, you can read the NY Times article, or check out it's website!