Sunday, June 1, 2008

Art and the Great Outdoors-Sculpture Garden @ Evergreen House

Sharon Englestein's Green Golly

Who doesn't appreciate both art and nice weather? The JHU Evergreen House's sprawling grounds and gardens are home to this years' site-specific sculptures which are available to the public during museum hours through September 28, 2008.
Walk around, enjoy the sunshine and the installations, take hokey pictures!
This year's exhibition includes artist from New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Virginia, and is curated by Andrea Pollan of DC's Curator's Office.
For more information on events and museum hours, visit the Evergreen House website.

This is made the hard joints, lost of glue or maybe some friction fit pieces

Bonner and Sara express their feelings about art through interpretive poses

Hyungsub Shin's "Rhizome" made of electrical wire

Mike Womak's "Shooting Electrons," we're not touching the art.

Sara admires Rebecca Herman and Mark Schoffner's beaver temple

J. Hill's "Hideouts"

Hiding out

Bonner and his appropriate, though politically incorrect, G.I. Joe companion

Brian Balderston's box with chair. "Remnants of the Solar Cell"

tin bridges

We actually managed to miss a few of the sculptures, but it is a gorgeous facility and worth a return-trip.