Thursday, June 26, 2008

Paper Airplne Opens @ Paperwork Gallery

Bonner Sale's "The Burning House"

Paper Airplane, a national, juried show of works on paper, opened tonight at the Paperwork Gallery. The show, which will run through the end of August, included work by Ten Tigers' favorites and friends, Bonner Sale and Nikki Painter.

Emily Slaughter looking at Nikki Painter's "Study #6 (Everything)"

Sophia Flood's illustrations

Rachel Sitkin's "Under Question"

Lisa Lotta Lindgren's collage

Sasha Blanton's "Disengaged 2"

Ian McLean Davis' "Study for Golem"

Sidney Pink's vintage arcade game illustrations

Artist Nikki Painter in front of Jennifer Brickey's "Side Walks"

Karl Hluska's green images and Frank Phillips' "DR Study V" (right)

Magnolia Laurie's paintings

Artist Sidney Pink, left and his wife April

Stephanie Beck's "Setttlements"

Jackie Milad admiring Bonner Sale's piece

For more information on Paper Airplane, visit