Thursday, June 26, 2008

To Overthrow Or Overturn @ School 33

Gallery-goers and Shaun Flynn's installation to the right

To Overthrow Or Overturn is a show that focuses on "the art of accident, disaster and catastrophe," curated by Alexandra Macchi. The [totally awesome] exhibition will be open through August 9th at School 33.
Lexie, in front of Carly Ptak 's photo collage (which was really cool, but I didn't get a better picture - sorry!)

Samantha Garner's "Dog Poop Palace"

Butchy Fuego's "Wand 2"

Paper installation by Amy Waller

Carly Ptak's untitled installation

"Refuge" by Asa Osborne

Rob Doran's "Dig your self"

Artist Shaun Flynn

Mary Helena and Sara Seidman in front of Shaun's installation

Sophia Dixon 's "Dreamtime"

Fay Jeffers-Davis' pen and ink drawing

Sophia Dixon's graphite drawings

Video installation by Chiara Giovando

Xavier Shipani's pen and ink drawings

Muffy Brandt & Nathalie Purkey's textile installatton

Maya Miller's "Penumbra"

Butchy Fuego's "Wand 4"

Liz Flynts and Walter in front of Muffy Brandt and Nathalie Purkey's large textile installation

Butchy Fuego's "Wand 5"

For more information about the exhibition, visit the School 33 website.